Healthy People Don’t Stay In Toxic Places


Healthy people don’t stay in an unhealthy relationship with themselves. Healthy people don’t talk badly to themselves, they practice positive affirmations. Healthy people don’t beat themselves up, they practice self-compassion. Healthy people don’t compare themselves to others’ perfections, they embrace their flaws. Healthy people don’t self-harm, they go to therapy. Healthy people don’t abandon themselves, they show up for themselves every single day.

Healthy people don’t stay in unhealthy romantic relationships. Healthy people don’t ignore red flags when they’re falling for someone, they acknowledge the flags like there’s no tomorrow. Healthy people don’t let go of their boundaries because they make the person they are interested in uncomfortable, they stick to them. Healthy people aren’t passive-aggressive with their partners, they communicate effectively and affectionately. Healthy people don’t change their identity because their partner doesn’t like it, they stay true to who they are. Healthy people don’t tolerate abuse from their partner because they love them, they leave them instead.

Healthy people have a strong core. Healthy people have a brave heart. Healthy people have a beautiful soul.

Healthy people don’t stay in unhealthy family dynamics. Healthy people don’t allow their parents to control their life, they live for themselves. Healthy people don’t follow the career path their parents want them to take, they choose the right path for themselves. Healthy people don’t marry someone to meet the expectations of their family, they commit to someone who they love and makes them happy. Healthy people don’t let their abusive family members define them, they seek help and build a better future for themselves.

Healthy people don’t stay in unhealthy friendships. Healthy people don’t do something they don’t want to do to impress their friends, they protect their morals. Healthy people don’t stay friends with people who make them feel anxious, worried or not good enough. Healthy people don’t surround themselves with friends who are secretly jealous of them and their success. Healthy people don’t bottle-up their emotions about something their friend said or did, they talk about it.

Healthy people don’t stay in unhealthy workplaces. Healthy people don’t allow their managers to use their power over them, they call them out. Healthy people don’t put themselves in unsafe or uncomfortable work environments, they decline and voice their concerns. Healthy people don’t allow someone at work to bully them, they stand up for themselves. Healthy people don’t stay silent, they take action.

Healthy people aren’t afraid of being alone because of the sacrifice they made to get to where they are today. Healthy people aren’t going to settle for less than what they deserve because they know their worth. Healthy people aren’t going to be disappointed by others’ behaviors or attitudes because they know how to protect themselves. Healthy people aren’t in need for love from a partner because they love themselves. Healthy people aren’t concerned about approval from others because they accept themselves. Healthy people aren’t scared of not belonging to the world because they belong to themselves.