Help! Should This Woman Expose A Cheater And Ruin A Friendship Or Let It All Slide?


A Redditor is between a rock and a hard place. u/inthedarkotherwoman met a guy off Tinder and went on a date with him. They kissed, but didn’t sleep together. She tells a friend about the guy, and that’s when shit hits the fan.

A couple of weeks ago I met a guy (AJ) on Tindr and we hit it off. He was cute and funny and I was really excited to meet him. We went out for drinks, had a good time and kissed at the end (I don’t sleep with someone on the first date). After the first date texts got pretty risqué with the flirting.

It was at this point I decided to start talking him up to some friends. One of my friends (Kara) asked to see pictures so I sent her a couple. She immediately calls me and tells me that the guy I’m talking to is dating a girl at her office. I asked if she was sure and she said she was 100% positive. She sent me a picture of him and his girlfriend that is on her desk at work. I felt sick to my stomach. it was definitely AJ.

I confronted him about it, sent him the picture that Kara sent me, and ripped him a new one. He half-heartedly apologized but I still felt awful. I’ve been cheated on before and the idea of being “the other woman” infuriated me. I kept the pictures he sent me (dick pics and such) and decided I was going to tell his girlfriend.

I told Kara about my plan and she BLEW UP! Saying that their relationship was none of my business and that I need to get off my “high horse” and let the relationship be since I don’t really know either parties. Except for the fact that this dude was trying to fuck me! And who knows how long he’s been on there and has been fucking other girls!

Kara told me that if I tell AJ’s girlfriend she would never forgive me. I don’t really know why she’s so angry at the thought of me ratting out this guy but she is. Kara has been my best friend for almost 12 years and the idea of losing her sucks but I can’t get over her, in my opinion, fucked up morals.

I think telling this girl is the right thing to do because this guy is a sleaze! I have proof, too, so it’s not like my word versus his. I have two weeks worth of conversations and pictures. But she’s right on the fact that I don’t really know either of them so it makes me question whether or not I should tell her but, then again, if I was in her position I’d want to know.

So do I risk one of my longest friendships to help out a stranger or do I pull an Elsa and just let it go?

What should she do? Help the woman out.