Her Love Is Infinite


Her love is infinite. It stretches from the lofty mountaintops to the cavernous depths of the seas. It is pure, raw, true, encapsulating every ounce of her being; washing over everyone she meets like the warm summer rain.

Her love is unconditional. It thrives in the present; neglecting the past, refusing to foresee the future. It accepts everyone exactly as they are; embracing their struggles, coexisting with their demons, loving their imperfections. It ignores their flaws; refuses to acknowledge their mistakes, provides opportunity after opportunity for everyone it touches to reflect on their actions, to rectify their outlook, to grow from their foibles.

Her love is equal. It is a wellspring for the lonely, the empty, the hurt; a deep, abundant reservoir of freedom from pain. She loves everyone she meets as intimately as if they were her soulmate; listening to their trials as if they were her own, spreading the weight of their struggles across her shoulders as if they were air. In its alluring magnetism, her love fills everyone she meets without exception; restoring their hearts, cleansing their souls, reminding them that they are always enough, leaving them sustained, nurtured, and fulfilled.

Her love is everlasting. It is timeless, unending in its vast expanse. It effortlessly stretches across rivers, fords rocky streams with ease, seamlessly weaves its way through twisted roads and embeds itself within pining hearts. It is eternal; unquellable in its undeniable strength; unfading in its indubitable power. It is constant; an unalterable flow of energy capable of remediating every ache, every doubt, every obstacle. It resides within countless souls, permanently etched in the fibers of every being it touches, supplying unreserved lifelong adoration.

Her love is infinite. It reaches beyond the surface; delving deep into hearts everywhere, showering all it holds with warmth, care, and affection. She wonders when she will be able to extend herself the same love she constantly, effortlessly provides others, but she need not fear, because even in its inordinate fulfillment, her love always replenishes; overflowing, soothing her soul.