Here Are 10 Ways I Know I’m Actually Over You


1. You’re no longer my first morning thought. I wake up and think of things I’m excited to do for the day and none of which includes reminiscing you.

2. Special dates just come by and go. Our supposed-to-be-anniversary and so-called-monthsary used to haunt me, making me dread the coming of that day. Now, I’m surprised of how those days pass by with me not noticing the date at all.

3. I no longer associate things with you. I no longer remember you whenever I dine at restaurants we used to visit nor think of you when our song plays on the radio.

4. I unconsciously misplaced the sentimental materials you gave me. Remember that watch you gave me as a gift which I obsessively wore for a year? It’s been missing for I don’t know how long and the shocking thing is, I don’t care if I’ll ever see it again or not.

5. I care less about what you and your allies think of me. I really don’t mind if you have delusions that I’m still after you or if you’re still thinking that I’m stalking you online. Your friends are also welcome to call me a bitch if that’s how you oriented them to view me. In the end, I realized that what truly matters most is how I handle myself with or without eyes observing me.

6. I care less about what or who you’re currently obsessed with. A friend would mention your recent activity and the most conscious comment I could utter is, “Okay”. 
P.S. That comes with a shrug and an unsure smile.

7. I bade goodbye to nights that turned into mornings. Whether it includes unlimited drinks with friends who could relate or smudged mascara over my face, I’m over it. I’m totally enjoying 8 hours, sometimes 12 hours’, worth of good night sleep and that’s keeping me fresh. *insert hair flip*

8. I’m beginning to appreciate other guys who are total opposites of you. This makes me more thankful that I’m seeing things clearly.

9. I no longer make stupid excuses as to why we didn’t work out. It didn’t work out because the relationship is simply not for us to have. At least, not anymore. No blaming who, nothing more, nothing less.

10. I appreciate how much your coming and leaving in my life has taught me so much. You changed some negative things in me when we were still together and I have you to thank for that but above all, the lessons you taught me after we’re done is by far the greatest gift you’ve ever given me. It made me wiser in all aspects in life and realizing all these made me conclude that I’m actually really over you.