Here Are 6 Conversations I Had On Tinder Using Only Quotes From Fifty Shades Of Grey


Universal Pictures’ Fifty Shades of Grey finally hit theaters today. Over the next few days millions of people will be sitting in theaters full of strangers, trying to not be the first one to uncomfortably laugh like you’re in 7th grade sex ed and the teacher is saying penis an awful lot. It’s no secret the book is a guilty pleasure for most women, but what about the guys, how would we react to some of the things said in the book? We’ve done our share of judging, but are we immune to the charm of Christian or the kind-hearted intrigue of Ana? Curiosity and boredom, a deadly combination, got the best of me, so with the help of a girl friend I borrowed her phone, signed into her Tinder account, right swipe, right swipe and had myself a few conversations using nothing but quotes from the Fifty Shades trilogy.

The eager poet.

Bud-light (because he definitely seems up for whatever).

Butts and dancing? Twerk is a good nickname for this one.

Wasn’t an option.

All work and no play.

0-100 real quick.

Give it a try yourself. Text a significant other some quotes from Fifty Shades of Grey. When they start getting into it let them know where the words are from and what time you’d like to go to the theater.