Here Are 6 Things You NEVER See Professional Women Do At Work


Always being at our best as professional women can be a challenge sometimes. Our performance at work not only depends on how good we fulfill our tasks and responsibilities but also on the things we purposely avoid doing. While avoiding doing certain things at the workplace in efforts to maintain the quality of our professional work comes naturally to some of us, others of us could have never heard of them. In any case, to ensure that you are always at your best, here are six things you should never do at work.

Burn bridges

You do not have to be good friends with everyone at the office but try to always maintain an amicable relationship with colleagues. Treat every colleague with respect, even when their behavior or things they do annoy you. The best thing to do is learn to adopt a forgiving attitude that makes it easier for you to deal with these issues. Whatever happens, do not ever burn bridges, as you never know when you need their help or assistance and how your relationship will benefit you in the future.

Take it personally

You know that every feedback and criticism you receive at the office is work-related, meaning that it has nothing to do with you as a person. Do not ever forget that! Of course, negative feedback about yourself is not something you long for but once they do come your way, you are able to remain as calm as possible. The last thing you want is to react poorly to criticism. With this in mind, you prevent your emotions from prevailing and deal with the situation professionally. You move on and use them as learnings to improve your work performance.

Mix up work with private issues

Even if you get along with your colleagues so well that they feel like best mates, do not forget to keep the relationship professional for the purpose of adding value to the company. Do not get me wrong, I am a big fan of sharing personal stories with coworkers for creating a stronger bond, but the little details you might want to keep it to yourself.

Ignore inquiries

Irrespective of the inquiry size, you handle each and every one of them with professionally and seriousness. You understand that someone has put the effort and time in asking you for information or help. So, you try your best to respond, even if it is a simple answer such as, “No, thank you.” Also, in times that it is more effective or efficient to handle an issue with verbal clarification, you do not hesitate to hop on the phone for a call. Things you can not find an answer to, you refer them to your colleagues and follow up on it properly.

Gossip about other lady bosses

The biggest no go is talking behind the back of other lady bosses. It does not need to be said that gossiping at the workplace hinders you from performing at your best, but it will also harm your professional reputation. As a successful and confident woman, you would rather focus on your own success and bundle forces with other professional women to reach the top together.

Walk into the meeting room unprepared

Always ensure that you take some time to do the necessary preparations. Depending on the nature of the meeting, the preparation can differ from making a proposal to doing research. Walking into the room unprepared is not only a lack of respect for the other party, it will also be a great waste of your own precious time. If you know in advance that you need more time for the preparations, then you should propose another (more realistic) meeting date.

Keep believing and reaching your full potential. You got this!