Here Are 9 Simple Things You Can Do To Maintain A Healthier Diet


Food is the vehicle for the circle of life. It is the very essence of our physical bodies. “You are what you eat” is not a far fetch saying because we really are what we consume.

However, our fast-paced, over occupied culture can never seem to find the time or will power to implement a well balanced diet. Diets have gone from a priority to one of the most minimized facets of society.

I mean… most people want to actually diet and be healthy. The issue is how tempting it is to fall for the convenience and even tastiness of unhealthy, processed, GMO-based foods.

What if I told you it isn’t as hard as it seems? 

That’s right. I am no dietician or health expert. I am a regular person who has had issues in the past with weight and my health. The reason I’m writing this is because countless people comment on my weight loss and ask what kind of diet I have.

Believe it or not, it’s quite simple!

Here’s exactly what I incorporate into my diet which makes it more desirable, easier to maintain, and one that has had a profound impact on my life.

1. Immediately set the intention on improving your health rather than weight loss.

People set intentions for weight loss when they diet because they want to boost their self-esteem. Based on personal experience and my own observations, this is exactly why many diets fail.

Granted self-esteem is a great motivator to keep a diet going, it isn’t enough. You have to tap into your subconscious, the part of your mind that controls all bodily functions without your conscious mind knowing it. You have to reprogram your brain to where you want to eat and live healthier. This is done with awareness.

Set the intention that it’s for your health. Your body and mind are one; thus, a poor diet will also make you more prone to mental health issues. Your brain is what ultimately gets the nutrients but you will also feel it in all areas of your health. Why?

The brain is the powerhouse and tells the body what to do. When one thing is out of whack, it can cause everything to do the same. Know your body. 

When you expose your body to better food, your mind will subconsciously urge you to consume more of it because of the positive effects it recalls you experiencing when you last ate it.

This is how you reprogram. Weight loss comes with it, so don’t make it the primary focus.

2. Treat health as an investment. 

Your health must develop. Your body is your kingdom, and Rome wasn’t built in a night. Visualize exactly who and what you want to be physically and mentally. Reaffirm the fact that what you eat has a huge part in your success. (Refer to #1)

This is where you have to put time management skills to good use. It shouldn’t take any more than 15-20 minutes to prepare a healthy meal. Even if you meal prep, creating small meals to last throughout a week still only takes 20-30 minutes. Take the time to do it. It’s well worth it!

3. Eat more cooked foods than raw foods. 

Granted raw foods are still okay for you, the human body’s evolution to process a large amount of energy (powered by our nervous system) because earliest humans discovered fire. Cooking has refined food consumption and actually makes our food easier to digest.

You don’t have to force yourself to eat raw carrots, broccoli, or other veggies. Seasoning isn’t going to impact your diet much, if any. Find a seasoning you like, throw a veggie or meat you like on a skillet, and walah!

4. Cutting out as much foods that are processed, GMOs, or pumped with preservatives as possible. 

Consuming small amounts in moderation isn’t that devastating. You don’t have to torture yourself. However, don’t make these part of your regular diet.

Yep, unfortunately delicious red meat doesn’t meet the criteria because it’s loaded with preservatives and steroids. The means the average priced red meat we often buy isn’t clean or as healthy. If you’re adamant about red meat, then may I at least suggest you checking where it comes from or buying it of higher quality to be safe.

Fast food is also included in this. Minimize fast food consumption. A cheat meal is fine, but fast food itself really is awful for you.

5. Try implementing a very, very, very lenient Pescatarian diet. 

A Pescatarian diet is no meat except for fish, but I implement something a lot more lenient. I’ll eat organic chicken and on occasion red meat. However, I leave red meat out (and even chicken) of my daily diet and mostly eat fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits, and multi-grains.

The goal is to get more fish because it’s cleaner and healthier. My go-tos are shrimp and salmon. Fish is loaded with nutrients, and with the right sides it can be very filling. Plus, it tastes amazing.

6. Aim for organic. If not organic, don’t buy the cheapest product you see.

People are more hesitant to buy organic because they are more expensive. They are, yet when you compare prices the difference isn’t that significant. This is true for eggs, vegetables, and multi-grains. Fish and chicken may be pricier, but it’s still not bank breaking.

If you can’t afford organic, then understandable. Just try to buy one of the “middle” brands. Do not go for the cheapest one you find. It’s cheaper for a reason. When you stop eating it regularly, you’ll notice exactly why that is. (Especially don’t buy bagged meat.)

7. Force yourself to drink water.

Ugh, tasteless water. No one wants to drink it, yet it is the single most important thing to consume for our health. Water is one of the fastest acting agents for weight loss, bodily healing, etc. Fruit infused water not only makes water taste fresher, it provides more nutrients and also detoxifies your body. (Good fruits to use are lemon, cucumber, strawberry, and lime.)

Typically I’d suggest to cut out soft drinks and juices, yet you can actually have them in moderation if you also drink plenty of water.

Which brings me to my next point……

8. Remember it isn’t so much about what you don’t eat… it’s about what you do eat.

Consuming not as healthy food can actually pass if you are also consuming really healthy food. The stricter your diet, the better obviously. However, this article is providing how the average person like myself can achieve results without being overly strict.

Satisfying a craving is where dieting gets hard, yet you can still satisfy it in moderation while ensuring you’re getting everything else your body needs.

Eat a brownie for a snack, but make sure your lunch and dinner include higher energy foods. Drink a soda, but make sure you’ve had enough water that day as well. It’s about balance.

9. It’s all about finding foods you enjoy.

You don’t have to eat a little bit of everything. You can simply find fruits, veggies, meats, and other food groups you enjoy. Build your diet on that…. not these overly strict diets you see in tabloids.

The key here is genuinely wanting to do these things. Wanting anything makes it easier to accomplish.

I understand this may not work for everyone. You have to find something that works for you, but I have a very general approach to how I diet.

Perhaps you can implement certain parts of it into yours!