Here Are All The Dumbasses Condemning A High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance Club


A Tennessee school district has garnered national attention after some of its students, commendably, founded a “Gay-Straight Alliance” club that aims to be a safe place for LGBTQ+ students, and also empower straight allies who want to make the whole school a safe place.

Pro-family groups have condemned the new Franklin County High School organization, calling it a “sex club” that goes against moral values. A local poll found that, sadly, many of the local residents agree.

“Family values” leader, Brian Camenker, says that GSA organizations are actually fronts for students peddling pornography and “recruiting” confused people to be gay:

Camenker says […] he has dealt with GSA groups for 20 years and claims they are the “exact opposite of what they say.” The groups “lead to homosexual pornography, meeting other gay people and transgender people…They hand out anti-Christianity pamphlets,” Camenker says.

“GSA clubs are all about making people feel good about being gay and it’s the worst thing that could happen to them,” Camenker says.

“They tend to attract kids that are troubled for other reasons. It doesn’t solve any problems, it makes them worse. These groups coming here (Franklin) is not about the kids here, it’s about hatred for Christian values.” (From Fox 17)


In an desperate attempt to get rid of the GSA, the district may simply eliminate all school clubs and organizations, according to this source:

The district is also considering requiring parental permission to join any club in the school district.

Meanwhile, at last night’s board meeting at least three idiots ranted about the dangers of the GSA, and, by extension I suppose, the dangers about high school students feeling comfortable in their own skin — loving who they want to love:

The protestors included:

This woman who claims that God told her to ignore the parts of the Bible about love, and focus on the parts about hate (apparently).

“I have a very strong opinion on homosexuality because God does! These are not my words, these are God’s words!! […] I am not here because I have homosexuals, I am here because I love them enough to warn them!!”

This man, who should be banned from every owning a megaphone.

“A club that is just to decide about sex, that falls out of the realm of education. So, um, there is a close vicinity between age and pedeophilia. So there’s one danger we see there. So to promote one group or even prevision, as a matter of fact you can look at science or health to see that these kids are encourage-able.”

And this guy, who pretty much thinks marriage is useless without popping out babies:

“It’s not the natural order of things! God says be fruitful and multiple! You are disobeying a holy God that orders us to multiply! Homos can’t multiply! They have to steal someone else’s children!”

Here is a full video of all these Very Holy Protestors in their own words:

Not everyone at the board meeting was opposed to the GSA, however! Indeed, a pro-GSA rally before the board meeting elicited some very positive remarks.

The school board ended the meeting without making any finals decisions about the fate of the Gay-Straight Alliance.

h/t Gawker