Here Are All The People Actually Celebrating #HeterosexualPrideDay


Across the world, there is a trending hashtag that is causing some serious side-eye:


Okay, so a lot of times when you se these ridiculous hashtags it is just some kind of satirical joke, or Internet irony.

While the hashtag has been hijacked by many people who realize how problematic this idea is, there are still many people who are fully supporting the “holiday.”

Here’s what people who actually support “Heterosexual Pride Day” have to say:

The reason that special recognition events exist for certain identities is because those groups are traditionally oppressed and need awareness and recognition.

No straight people fear being killed specifically over their orientation, and they certainly don’t have to face institutional oppressions like adoption law, and marriage accessibility.

Hopefully someday we don’t need a Gay Pride Month. But we still do, and the people truly participating in this hashtag are part of the explanation why.