Here Are Five Ridiculously Creepy Games Only The Bravest Horror Fans Should Play



A Korean game that will supposedly teleport you to a different world via elevator.

How to play:

1. You must be in a 10+ story building alone in the elevator. This ritual will not work if someone is in the elevator with you.

2. Get on the elevator on the 1st floor.

3. Press 4. When you reach the 4th floor, don’t get out and press 2.

4. When you reach the 2nd floor, press 6.

5. When you reach the 6th floor, press 2.

6. When you reach the 2nd floor, press 10.

7. When you reach the 10th floor, press 5.

8. When you reach the 5th floor, a woman will walk in. This girl is not human. DO NOT look at or talk this girl, or else she will take you away.

9. Press 1. If the elevator instead starts going up to the 10th floor, you have succeeded. You will reach another world where this no one but you.
10. If you get off at the 10th floor, the woman will ask “where are you going?” Do not answer her.

How to end the game:

– You can return if the woman doesn’t get on AND if you don’t get off at the 10th floor.

– If you don’t get off at the 10th floor, press 1. If it doesn’t press, keep on pressing it until it works.

– If you got off at the 10th floor, to return, you need to use the same elevator. Repeat the 4-2-6-2-10-5 combo. After you reach the 5th floor, press 1.

– As you’re going up to the 10th floor, press any other number to cancel.

– After you reach the 1st floor, check your surroundings.

If you were to faint during this process and wake up to find yourself in your own home, there is a high chance you’ll be taken back to this world again.


Originated in Japan, this ritual allows you to summon a ghost who will then follow you throughout the day. All you have to do it avoid getting caught.

How to play:

1. At night, get naked and go into the bathroom.

2. Fill the tub with water and turn off ALL the lights.

3. Sit in the middle of the tub facing the faucet and taps.

4. Close your eyes and wash your hair repeating the sentence “Daruma-san fell down. Daruma-san fell down.” over and over.

5. As you wash your hair, you should see in your mind’s eye the image of a Japanese woman standing in a bathtub. She slips and falls on a rusty tap, which impales her through the eye and kills her.

6. Continue repeating the sentence until you are finished washing your hair. It is VERY IMPORTANT to keep your eyes closed the ENTIRE TIME.

7. You may feel or hear movement in the water behind you, don’t peek. You have now summoned your very own ghost and she will rise from the water behind you. You will feel her presence as she stares at you, her hair black and tangled. Her clothes are tattered and rotting. She only has one left eye that is bloodshot and the right eye is missing.

8. When you feel her presence, ask out loud “Why did you fall in the bath?”

9. Still keeping your eyes shut tightly, stand up and exit the bath. Be very careful while doing this, as your eyes are closed and the ghost may attempt to trip you on the wet tile of your bathroom.

10. Immediately exit the bathroom and shut the door. It is now safe to open your eyes. Leave the bathwater overnight and enjoy a good night’s sleep because when you wake up, the game will begin.

11. When you wake up, the ghost is now following you. Trying to look at her directly will not work. Instead, glance over your right shoulder to catch a glimpse of her. As the day goes on, your ghost will get closer and closer to you. If she gets too close, yell “Tomare!” (Stop!) and run away as quickly as possible. This will put some distance between you and her.

How to end the game:

– You must catch a glimpse of her and yell “Kitta!” (roughly translates to “I cut you loose!”).

– Then, hold your hand out in front of you and swing it downward in a cutting motion like a karate chop.

– It is important to END THE GAME BEFORE MIDNIGHT. If you don’t, your ghost will follow you into your dreams as you sleep and more than likely kill you.


This game consists of taking a cab ride with a spirit called “The Hooded Man” in another world. It is also considered one of the most dangerous rituals you can perform.

How to play:

1. Have 2 black cords and a rotating phone.

2. Be seated in the room where the telephone is. Do not be scared or nervous, as this will prevent the ritual from being successful. Count to 13.

3. At the last count, dial this number into your telephone: 20496888. DO NOT touch the handle of your phone while dialing this number.

4. Tie one of the black cords to the handset and lift it from the telephone. Then dial this number: 25515823. Leave the handset there, regardless of whether the phone gets connected or not.

5. Count to 13 again, then place the handset back. After this, say carefully, quietly and slowly into the receiver: “Hello? I need a cab.”

6. Take the second black cord and replace it with the first one. Burn the first cord immediately. This will disconnect the other world and ensure nothing from there will be able to enter our dimension.

7. Open the curtains. If the ritual was done right, the sky will have a tinge of some colour, and a black cab will be parked outside your house.

8. Exit the house and bring a watch with you. Lock all your doors then get into the backseat of the cab. The cab will be empty. Proceed to lock the cab doors and prepare to fall asleep.

9. When you wake up, look at your watch. If the time reads 3:30 AM, then you have successfully completed the main part of the ritual. If it’s not, exit the cab and get back inside your house within two minutes. Follow the How to end the game instructions process after this is done.

10. If it is 3:30 AM, then you will fall asleep again within another 30 seconds.

When you wake up, the cab will be on the highway being driven by a hooded man.

– If you attempt to speak to the man, you will fall asleep and wake up back at your house.

– If you attempt to lift his hood, you will fall asleep and wake up back at your house.

– If you panic, or try to exit the cab while it is still in motion, you will die.

– If the cab stops at any point and someone else gets in, DO NOT speak to them or they will stab you to death.

How to end the game:

– Lean forward so you are close to the hooded man’s ears and whisper (slowly, carefully): “I have reached my destination.” You will fall asleep and wake up back at your house.

– At your house, go back to the telephone and dial this number: 200082. Lift the handle and say, “Thank you for the ride.” Remove the black cord and burn it, then bury the ashes and sprinkle salt over it.


This game does not offer the option of failure. If you fail at this game, you do not want to know what happens.

How to play:

1. Have a closet and a match.

2. Begin at night. Darken the room; turn out the lights of the room in which the closet is located and draw the curtains. Make sure any lights in the closet (if it has any) are turned off, too.

3. Make sure you have a match somewhere on your person.

4. Open the closet, step inside and close the door. There should be no visible light inside or outside the closet whatsoever.

5. Stand in darkness for at least 2 minutes. Do not move and do not speak.

6. After the 2 minutes are up, hold the match out in front of you. Speak the words, “Show me the light or leave me in darkness.”

7. Listen closely. If you hear whispers in the darkness, light the match IMMEDIATELY and wait. If you do not hear anything, do not turn around, just wait.

8. If you have made it this far unscathed, open the closet door, exit the closet and close the door. DO NOT look inside the closet.

9. In fact, don’t look inside the closet ever again if you can help it; especially not without all the lights on.

– There is no way to end this game other than to avoid ever looking in the closet again. Some who have successfully performed this ritual say that strange things happen at night if you leave the closet open. If you do look inside the closet with the lights off, it is reported that you may see two points of red light gleaming out of the darkness.

– If you fail to light the match in time… Don’t fail. You don’t want to know what happens if you do.


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to play hide and seek with a demon, this game is ideal for you.

How to play:

1. To prepare, close all the doors in your house firmly. Make sure they are securely closed. This includes all pantry, cupboard and cabinet doors, too. Basically, anything that can open. This is crucial. Turn off all your lights, even your computer screens and phone screens.

2. Wait until exactly 12:01 AM to begin the ritual, not a minute sooner or later.

3. Go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. Close your eyes and make sure it is completely silent. If you hear anything, exit the house immediately; that means he is already here.

4. Think of something ideally realistically achievable that you want. This will be your prize if you win.

5. Light a match and wait until it burns out on its own (do not blow it out, this will anger him). If the match lasts at least 15 seconds, you are ready to begin.

6. Lie on the ground and say the following words: “I am aware of your presence, and I welcome you into my home. Come now.”

7. Go into the largest room of your house, and wait.

8. The length of time it will take varies. For some it takes minutes, for others it takes hours. Patience is key in this ritual.

9. When he is ready, you will hear a faint moaning sound. If you hear anything else, abort the came and flee the house immediately.

10. This is when the fun begins. You must hide, because he will try to find you. Remain absolutely quiet and don’t make any quick movements, as it could give away your hiding spot. Think of this as a hardcore game of hide and seek.

How to end the game:

– You must remain hidden until 3:00 AM. At this time, it is safe to come out. Go back to the largest room in your house and say the following: “Thank you for playing but you must leave now. You are no longer welcome.” You should then hear a moaning noise in acknowledgment, and the game will be over. If you do not hear a noise of some kind, continue repeating that he is no longer welcome there and that the game is over. This can sometimes take a few repetitions.

– The next morning when you wake up, your prize will be outside your house’s door. Congratulations! You won.

– Some things to note: your wish should not bring harm to anyone. There is a grave price for making this sort of deal with him and he may decide the game was not enough to honor it. Also, keep in mind that just because you asked him to leave does not mean he won’t visit again. He cannot harm you if you don’t play this game again, and it is recommended you only play ONCE.