The Myers-Briggs Personality Types Of Every Character On ‘Firefly’


Joss Whedon’s, Firefly, has a legacy that lives on despite its cancellation in 2003. As a fellow Firefly fanatic (say that five times fast), what I admired most about the show was that it felt like you knew the characters as if they were a close friend or family member. They were relatable in their imperfections and inspirational in both speech and action. They made you laugh in serious situations but still managed to reveal the gritty realism that accompanied living in their world. These ragtag underdogs had a heart of gold in a world filled with corruption. Sometimes they contributed to the chaos and other times, they fought against it. Here are the results I believe each character would receive based off their personality:

Captain Malcolm Reynolds – ENTJ

Mal was an inspirational leader who had a loyal team that rallied together for a common cause–whether it be defying the Alliance or simply having a job. The “man with the plan” thought quick on his feet in tough situations and had immense faith in his own abilities even when the situation was bleak. When a crew member tried to overpower him, his tenacity and dominance showed itself, keeping inside rebellion at bay.

Zoë Washburne – ISTJ

Zoë was second-in-command and for a good reason. ISTJs are known for their “no nonsense” mentality and impeccable decisiveness. She was a person of duty, dedicated to her job (almost to a fault), and kept a calmness in what most would describe as “nerve-wrecking” situations.

Hoban “Wash” Washburne – ESFJ

Wash’s ESFJ tendencies can be seen most in his desire to lighten the mood when there was conflict among crew members. In times of trouble, Wash was willing to help in any way he could and even though Zoë was his spouse, his devotion and altruistic nature extended to the crew as a whole when one of them was in danger.

Kaylee Frye – ENFP

Kaylee, the crew’s genius mechanic, is by far the warmest and most sensitive of the group. Her compassionate nature leads her to befriend even the rowdiest of crew members (aka Jayne). Kaylee’s decision to choose the adventurous life of the “rebellious” Browncoats, ultimately leads to the life every ENFP dreams of—one full of freedom and independence.

Jayne Cobb – ESFP

Jayne, was the hardest to pin point because his ESFP personality looks a bit different than most but there is no doubt that life is always interesting when he is around. Even though Jayne is more insensitive than a regular ESFP, his need to be satisfied in the present moment leads to many of his troubles. But when he is not making a crude joke or betraying a colleague, Jayne is a pretty funny guy.

River Tam – ISTP

Not being able to see an in-depth account of River’s early life, it is hard to predict who she truly was before she had to be rescued. However, River’s endless curiosity and unpredictable nature gives way to the idea that she could very well be an ISTP. Even though she did not create much with her hands, as most ISTPs do, she certainly chose to experience life in a very hands-on and creative way.

Simon Tam – ISFJ

Highly intelligent and oblivious to romantic gestures, you might think that Dr. Simon Tam would be categorized as an Analyst or Sentinel. However, Simon’s meticulous nature as a doctor and extreme dedication in saving and protecting his sister makes Dr. Tam a classic ISFJ.

Shepherd Book – INFJ

Shepherd Book is a person of great nobility and conviction. He always stands up for what he believes is right but still manages to balance his desire for justice with a kind tongue, making him able to become friends with those who initially had a distaste for him because of his profession. Shepherd Book’s ability to stay true to his convictions, even when lines are blurred, is the tell-tale sign that this preacher would be an INFJ.

Inara Serra – ESTP

Inara’s profession has led me to believe that she is an ESTP. Her career as a companion (aka an escort of sorts) allows her to experience the pleasure and drama ESTPs enjoy but this does not make her unintelligent like some might assume. She’s extremely perceptive and you can see how her lightning quick logic aids in her getting the crew members out of sticky situations.

Do you think I got it right? If not, comment below.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Make sure they are constructive but kind. It is also important to remember that these characters (and humans in general) are complex and may not match up perfectly with each personality type assigned to them.