Here Are The Questions From The Actual ‘Reese Witherspoon Movies’ Category On Jeopardy!


I don’t think I’m alone in having a lifelong fantasy of being a guest on Jeopardy! and clearing a category no problem. While there are some smart people categories I might be able to do this on, I was pleased to see a pop culture category earlier this week that spoke to my heart.

The contestants were given Reese Witherspoon’s character and made to guess the name of the movie she starred in. Here are the questions from this week’s ‘Reese Witherspoon Movies’ category. (I won’t give the answers so you can test your own knowledge, just Google the character if you’re stuck).

$200 — Singer June Carter

$400 — Harvard Law student Elle Woods

$600 — Tracey Flick, who’s running for student body president

$800 — Cheryl Strayed, based on her memoir

$1,000 — New York fashion designer Melanie Smooter, actually a southern girl

To be honest, my favorite part is is when Jeopardy! nerd Daniel fucks it up, but our girl Emily subsequently cleared it out.