Here Are The Top Facebook Trends For 2012


Facebook Stories, a new feature of the insanely popular social-media site, is allowing users the opportunity to revisit key moments of their past year, and it can also show general trends. Now one can get a pretty good idea of what was the most popular music, technology, television, sports teams, public figures, and more in 2012.

The most popular movie, as seen above, was The Hunger Games. Below are some more infographics. As you can see, the most listened-to song was “We Are Young” by Fun, featuring Janelle Monáe. The most popular meme: “TBH,” with “YOLO” coming in second. The most-read book was the first Hunger Games book. Tops in TV was Duck Dynasty, the A&E reality show about a family running a duck call fabrication business. The most popular technology was Instagram. And the most popular public figure was Barack Obama. You can check out all the trends here.

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