Here Are Two Musical Drugs: One To F*ck You Up And One To Bring You Down To Earth


French label FAKE MUSIC has been hard at work in both the United States invading and the hard sounds departments. I discovered these guys when I was invited to eat some California-illegal food with them—because I am so very writerly and alternative, I know, I hate me too—and the above track was the stuff bumped as the soundtrack for the evening. Off of their Noir EP, this track sees label boss Yoann Feynman and his partner in crime Monomotion delivering “rolling through your city doing illegal shit” vibes, and I’m pretty into it.

But FAKE MUSIC has bid au revoir to its EDM drenched past, and they bring more to the table than just leather jacket, cigarette packed nightclub bangers. The below track is my personal favorite—a melodic ode that will carry you through any unknown streets.

No matter where your tastes lie in the ever-expanding universe of the dark-mattered electronic music outerspace of it all, FAKE MUSIC seems to have something for club-cautious earthlings (like me, I know, I hate me too) and daring drugged-up aliens alike. Maybe I’ll hear it if I ever decide to try to enjoy clubs, but for now I’m cool letting them DJ the deep web of my bedroom—how very uncool and legal indeed.