Here Is How You Must Tell Me You Love Me


Whenever I tell you I’ve never had someone who’s been loyal, tell me that I have you now. Don’t plainly say “okay.” Say to me you’ll prove it.

Tell me you can be so dependable. I can love you recklessly without worry. Tell me you can do the things that no one has ever offered to me. Beg to disagree whenever I say I can’t trust my heart to someone anymore, because you’re sure I still can because you are here with me now. You are sure that you’re capable to protect this fragile heart of mine, you can promise to never shatter it to pieces. Don’t just say “okay” whenever I tell you that no one will ever stay with me forever.

Say you will, if I’d let you. Say you’ll choose to stay over and over again, and love me and devour all the pain that comes with it.

Say you’d give me a fairytale of a love story that I’ve got daydreams about, say you’d give up everything just to let you be my happily-ever-after prince. Prove to me that chivalry still exist and we aren’t too late to dance with old-school classic tunes on your playlist.

Don’t just say “okay” whenever I’m at the verge of bursting into pieces as the world cracks me down, say that I mustn’t be worried, say you’ll hold my hand as I fight finding myself. Tell me to take a deep breath and everything will be fine again in the morning.

Please fight for me. Fight for your feelings. Because no one has ever showed me the chivalry of a knight, so I want you to be one. If ever. Express your boldness if ever your feelings are true. Tell me a reason I can cling up to so that calmness will restore sanity in my mind.

So don’t just say “okay” because I can’t go to sleep. Because okay has a vast amount of meanings I couldn’t count to remember, and I don’t want the feeling of uncertainty from you, because I’ve trusted you more deeply than I thought I would. I’ve relied my feelings on you so much now.

Tell me that my negative mindsets are wrong, because you can disprove it, you will make me believe in a love I can write endless poems about, a love I can sing songs about in the shower, a love that people write books about, a love so warm like the coffee I drink on Monday mornings, a love that is so flawless yet we still adore its beauty.

Yes, I am a hopeless romantic who doesn’t settle for chains of “okay,” for I crave for a romance that I can’t seem to find in this world.

But I see the romance I’ve been looking for in you, the only thing left for you to do is just prove it. Now I believe genuine rarity comes in different forms, because I saw that in you.