Stephen King’s Favorite Book Is Getting Made Into A Miniseries


Lisey’s Story is a particularly beloved Stephen King book published in 2006. That year, it won the Bram Stoker award for best novel. Like all of Stephen King’s books, it was also a bestseller.

Stephen King was inspired to write the story after a near death experience where he was hit by a van in 1999 while walking near one of his homes in Maine. While he was in the hospital recovering, his wife Tabitha was redecorating his office. King returned from the hospital and found his belongings gathered into boxes and imagined this is how his home will look after his eventual death. You can hear King tell this story in his own words in this interview:

The book is about a famous novelist’s wife, Lisey Landon, whose husband passed away two years ago and she is still grieving and cleaning out his office. Lisey is also dealing with her mentally ill sister and her husband’s crazy fans who believe there are unpublished manuscripts among her husband’s papers. It is both a romantic story of a loving wife mourning her husband and a psychological thriller about the novelist’s dark past and the secrets he tried to keep.

Stephen King himself has said that this is one of his favorite books and hoped it would get adapted into a TV show one day, as he felt the story was too much for a 2-hour movie. He got his wish and was able to write the script himself for the Lisey’s Story miniseries that will be on Apple TV this summer. The series will be produced by JJ Abrams and stars Julianne Moore.

Here’s the trailer:

Lisey’s Story will premiere on Apple TV on June 4, 2021.