Here Is What Would Happen If We Put Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type On ‘Survivor’


INTJ: The mastermind who makes it to the final three when the finalists realize this person played everyone from day one.

INTP: The one everyone (falsely) assumes will be good at puzzles and therefore gets voted out before they even have a chance to (not) make a move.

ENTP: Gets voted off after debating too long about where to build the shelter.

ENTJ: Creates the first successful alliance but has a very slim chance making it past the merge.

ESFJ: Inadvertently masters the social game by spreading rumors about their tribe mates.

ISFJ: Slips under the radar all the way to the end and feels genuinely sorry for each person they vote out.

ISTJ: The person everyone is afraid to vote out for fear that no one else would find food or boil the daily water.

ESTJ: The one who thinks they run the show.

ENFJ: The tribe member who puts sad faces and hearts around the name of the person they voted off.

INFJ: This person has an emotional breakdown from the inhumanity of it all and quit.

INFP: The swing vote.

ENFP: Basically flirting with/entertaining camp for 75% of the game.

ESFP: Really good at challenges, however, they are the first to vomit after a reward challenge involving alcohol.

ISFP: Doesn’t really like the manipulative gameplay and focusses more on buff fashion and shelter decor.

ISTP: The one no one’s really sure about, because they haven’t spoken in 20 days and often wander off alone. No one leaves their machetes unattended because of this person.

ESTP: Strong socially and physically and will probably make someone cry as they unapologetically hop from one alliance to the next.