Here’s A Pissed Off Snowflake’s Account Of Everything That’s Wrong About Trump’s Presidency So Far


This note is a purge. It is a purge of my anger, and my disappointment. I woke up today distraught, unable to focus, and sick over the current state of affairs in the United States. Our sitting president Donald Trump and his administration have in only a few short weeks shown that they are divisive, evil, and self-interested. And let me tell you why.

The Trump administration has already begun to do damage on its own people.

Any and all government funded scientific research must not be published without the express consent of the White House which can only be presumed to be a measure taken to protect the fossil fuel industry and the self interests of the billionaires that run our country. This is censorship and it is unconstitutional. Science is the main mechanism in the development and sustainability of the human race and the Trump administration is making it look a lot like they’re throwing it to the wind in lieu of dollar signs.

This is quite possibly the most dangerous thing they have done thus far, because the world is in peril and that fact needs to be universally accepted before we can save ourselves from ourselves. We have created a time bomb.

Let’s continue on to the impending trade war he’s sparked with our third largest trading partner Mexico.

Mr. Trump is dead set on building some sort of rampart between us and Mexico for god knows what reason, and he as you know, wants them to pay for it. Well if you’re not entirely brain dead you’ll understand that if your neighbor wanted a new fence you sure as shit aren’t going to pay for it even though your kids sometimes throw their toys over into the other yard. So what did he do? He proposed a 20% tax on Mexican imports. As you can imagine President Nieto was not happy and cancelled any and all future meetings with Mr. Trump adding that his country will not be paying for that damn wall.

And we should believe them, because if there is one thing I’ve learned about the Mexican people (I’ve worked with a lot of them and have never met more genuine people in my life) it’s that they are full of pride and do not take kindly to being walked on. So no, Donald, Mexico is not paying for your wall, sorry.

Now you may be thinking by now, “I’m halfway through this article and haven’t seen anything about that kid in the picture.” Well let’s get into that.

Pictured in the photo above is five-year-old Omran Daqneesh. You may have seen him before, but maybe not. Omran was pulled from the rubble of the apartment building that was his home following its destruction caused by an airstrike in Aleppo. Omran’s older brother, ten-year-old Ali Daqneesh, was not so lucky, he passed away.

The Trump administration’s most recent executive order imposed an immigration/travel ban on seven middle eastern countries. None of which have been shown to be particularly threatening to our national security. Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Yemen (but not Saudi Arabia, god forbid we endanger big oil) were the nations whose citizens were to be barred entry to the United States regardless of visa status. This is unconstitutional, this is un-American, this is inhumane and hateful.

This order has already affected a very large number of people. The irony in all of this is that the Republicans, the party that Donald Trump ran for and was subsequently elected from along with Trump himself, overwhelmingly claim to be Christian.

Well, as you may have guessed, the act of restricting travel to the United States from seven select countries whose citizens have done nothing to prove themselves a threat and are seeking refuge from a living hell where they are shot at and bombed without reason or warning — is not Christian. Not by a long shot.

The Pope himself has even shown his disagreement with the actions of President Trump. So go ahead, justify it however you’d like, but you are not a Christian if you don’t believe in helping those who are in a great deal of need. If your religion has taught you compassion and sympathy, I (an atheist) should not have more of it than you.

The United States of America is and must continue to be a beacon of hope for the world.

If we are in shambles, then so might be the rest of the world. We must not appear weak, we must not be afraid, and most importantly we must not be selfish. Our identity as a country was founded on immigration, acceptance, freedom and most importantly it was founded on the idea that if you come to this country seeking a better life you can fucking have it.

These ideals must prevail over our petty differences and our preconceived, misguided convictions that all outsiders are enemies — because they aren’t. Some of the greatest minds in this country, who day in and day out apply their skills to do good by their family and their society, now have every reason to live in fear that the great nation that granted them the gift of opportunity is now turning them into pariahs. This is not who we are as a nation and I will continue to shout from the mountaintops until we improve from the hateful archaic demeanor we have developed in recent years.

Do not be silent.


A pissed off snowflake