Here’s Exactly What You Need To Understand About What Trumpcare Will Cost Americans


22 million people would lose health insurance under the American Health Care Act (aka Trumpcare) by 2026, according to the Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan federal agency.

An earlier version of the AHCA would have left 23 million people without insurance. So, the Senate bill has lowered that number by 1 million but left it at a staggering 22 million.

The Senate Majority Leader, Senator Mitch McConnell, is aiming to hold a vote in the Senate this week, before the Senate takes their recess.

Some Senators are still undecided on their decision regarding Trumpcare – specifically, those in Ohio, Arizona, Wisconsin and Maine. If you want to voice your opinion before the Senate votes, call your Senator today. You can find that information here.

The American Health Care Act would slash Medicaid, eliminate Planned Parenthood funding, eliminate the protective measure for those with pre-existing conditions, cut subsidies for poor Americans, end the insurance mandate and, oh yeah, give massive tax cuts to the rich. What’s 22 million Americans left uninsured in the face of tax cuts for the rich?