Here’s How I’ll Always Remember The Best Friend Who Ghosted Me


We met when I did not expect to find a new friend. Your warmth made me want to know you more. We started to hang out. We shared crazy stories about life and love. You had so many ideas and much creativity. You were full of energy. You were a doer. You followed through ideas and turned them all into actions. You explained the world to me. You let me see the world through a different lens. We laughed for hours, we cried for hours. There was no filter between us. I learned so much from you. You were my role model. Your struggles in life and the lessons you learned left a deep path in my heart.

You turned yourself from a stranger into a sister to me.

I had never been so proud of having found sisterhood with you. There was no day passed by without us sharing our day. It broke my heart when you had to move to another city. I was happy for your future adventure, but I knew my days would never be the same again.

Luckily, internet kept us close. Distance did not matter. Our sisterhood was as strong as day one when we opened up about our biggest fears.

Our bond was as warm as the time when you cried in front of me for the first time. Then the universe did its magic and offered me a job in the same city where you were. I was imagining our days and evenings that we spent together just talking would be coming back to me. I was imagining cooking dinner for you, going to cultural events together, sharing a cocktail. We conquered the distance. We would be inseparable, just like it used to be.

But those days and evenings never came back.

No cocktails were shared although you were just a stone’s throw away. You were disappearing. You were ghosting me. I was worried that something bad happened to you. I tried to reach out to you. I was trying to tell you that I would be there for you, no matter what, to hold your hand, to hug you, to comfort you. Just like how you did to me years ago.

But life changed you. Life that once introduced me to you was also the one that took you away from me. Our sisterhood was shattered as hard as my heart. The bond that seemed to be forever was broken. None of my words seemed to come through to you. You were blaming me for your change. We shared cries but those were not happy tears. When you locked that door just after I stepped out of your place, I knew I lost a sister. No talk or apologies seemed to win us anything.

I have kept the pieces of you I have left in my heart.

The pieces are broken but they are your pieces. They are still the most beautiful pieces ever happened to me. When the goings get tough, I find comfort in those pieces that instantly remind me of my blessing, that once in my life time, I met a stranger who turned into a sister to me.