The Hollywood Height Chart


As Dustin Hoffman can attest, being tall is not necessarily necessary for success in Hollywood. The above chart illustrates that many of Hollywood’s big male stars and directors are shorter than my mother (who is, granted, kind of tall). What can we conclude? Not much, but I like looking at this. Click here to see the entire thing.

Some thoughts come to mind: Is Danny DeVito really divorced from Rhea Perlman or have they reconciled? What does Jack Black look like now? Does he look like that? Michael J. Fox is shorter than I thought. Tom Cruise wears platform shoes sometimes so he is as tall as his leading ladies, I read somewhere. Robin Williams looks like he’s giving Tom Cruise the sideeye maybe. Ben Stiller is taller than I thought. Elijah Wood’s face makes me smile. That doesn’t look like Emilio Estevez. Al Pacino looks like that guy from The Wrestler in this photo. Did anyone see that play where Harry Potter is naked and rides a horse or whatever? Is George Clooney ever going to stop making political movies? Who is Josh Hutcherson? I hope Dustin Hoffman lives to be 98 or something.

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