Here’s How The Akashic Records Can Help Heal Your Deepest Wounds


The Akashic Records are a powerful tool for deep healing. They can help you work through and resolve all kinds of dysfunctional patterns, both from this lifetime and from your past incarnations.

To me, entering the Akashic Records always feels like homecoming. There’s a powerful sense of relief, renewed hope, possibility, and expansion inside the Records. Being in their energy field enables us to momentarily shed our human skins and set aside the ego mind, the rational part of the brain, all of our limited views of ourselves and our limiting patterns.

Inside the Records, you are one with Divine Source. You are one with God. You return to your true nature and merge fully with your Soul. This helps you remember that you’re an infinite being with access to so much more than you can perceive with your human eyes and human brain.

The Energy Field Of The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are encoded and held—in a way, “suspended”—in the universal energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates all of us. There’s a spiritual reality constantly humming, vibrating, shifting beyond the physical reality that you can see and take in with your physical eyes.

Physical reality—what you can taste, hear, see, and touch with your human senses—is actually an illusion, or a collective hologram. A collective movie in which you play different roles at different times.

The problem is that you sometimes overidentify with those roles—for instance, your role as a mother, as a wife, as a teacher, as a problem-solver, as a caregiver, even as a victim.

When you overidentify with the role of victim, when you convince yourself that someone else is to blame for your experiences, you’re existing purely in the physical realm. You’re forgetting about the spiritual reality beyond these illusions—the reality that you’re not, and never have been, a victim.

Of course, this is not to say that there weren’t difficult circumstances in your past, or that someone else’s abuse or mistreatment of you should be forgotten. This isn’t about “turning the other cheek” or allowing someone back in your life if they’ve repeatedly demonstrated their inability to act in loving, respectful, and healthy ways.

Stepping Beyond Victimhood

But what possibilities are you giving yourself when you stay in victimhood? You’re committing violence against yourself (and others) when you rob yourself of agency, autonomy, and the power of choice today, regardless of what was in the past.

Working with the Akashic Records requires you to abandon all notions of victimhood, blaming of self and others, self-guilt, self-doubt, self-hatred, resentment, and regret.

Working with the Records requires you to see through different eyes—your third eye and inner knowing and intuition—so you can perceive the spiritual underpinnings of any situation, relationship, and circumstance you have ever experienced.

An example. Let’s say that, in your physical reality, you’re experiencing a lack of abundance in the form of no money in your bank account or even a sizable chunk of credit card debt.

First, let me clearly state that these circumstances feel real and urgent—and in fact, sometimes they are. If your very survival and happiness and sanity are at stake, the circumstances are very urgent.

Working with the Records is never about diminishing or minimizing your physical circumstances, but about confronting them head on to uncover what’s really fueling them and find a way to create a breakthrough.

If the bills are piling up but there’s no money in your bank account, there’s also a spiritual reality unfolding below the surface. That spiritual reality—which allows you to access a broader perspective, or a “meta-view” of what you’re experiencing—holds important information that can help you move forward and heal this pattern.

For example, by exploring the spiritual underpinnings of this lack of abundance, you might uncover some or all of these things:

a past life contract you made at some point in the past to never make more money than your father/mother/spouse

a past life contract to replicate a negative family legacy of financial debt

an unconscious agreement with your current partner to play the role of “damsel in distress” (financially) so that he or she can continually rescue you

a past life trauma where having money brought you trouble, or it was too overwhelming, or others took advantage of you for that (so you vowed never to have enough money again)

a past life (or current life) trauma that’s keeping your nervous system stuck in survival mode, limiting your ability to manifest and hold more money

Understanding The Spiritual Reality

Understanding the spiritual reality behind what you’re experiencing right now—and what you’ve experienced in the past—can help you shift from victimhood to empowerment. From confusion to clarity. From chaos to order. From hopelessness to hopefulness. From suffering, shame, and self-blame to a deeper, much more compassionate understanding of yourself.

This understanding can then help you open up your perspective, see things you couldn’t see before, open your heart to yourself, and apply the information you receive to make new choices moving forward. Choices now made from a place of empowerment, hope, and self-acceptance.

Working with the Akashic Records also requires a high degree of centeredness, clarity, and the ability to release egoic agendas and attachments. These egoic attachments might include:

the belief that you’re not “good enough”

the belief that you don’t have what it takes to access divine guidance, or that others can do it but you can’t

the belief that the Akashic Records are difficult to access

the illusion that you’re “blocked” or that you don’t have spiritual gifts (such as clairvoyance or claircognizance)

a past life contract to never do spiritual work again

a past life contract to never use your spiritual gifts again (after a traumatic past life experience of being punished for your role as a healer, seer, clairvoyant, or mystic)

an unconscious agreement to play small and never surpass your mother, father, sister, partner, etc.

Working with a certified Akashic Records reader—or even learning how to work with the Records yourself—can help you navigate these patterns, release attachments, and receive the guidance you need to move forward with clarity and ease.