Here’s How To Change Your Own Consciousness


Consciousness creates physical and experiential manifestation, and consciousness, and therefore physical manifestation, can be changed. There is nothing more fundamental in my belief system. There is nothing that summarizes the purpose of my work better than that.

Consciousness creates through:


Here I’m referring to the moment-to-moment thinking that goes on in the mind. Thoughts can range from the low frequency, repetitive ‘monkey mind’ to the higher frequency quiet of a mind used to meditation and stillness. A quiet mind is open to inspiration and intuition, whereas the monkey mind just keeps repeating the same thoughts endlessly. A quiet mind sees patterns and opportunities. The monkey mind recycles anxiety; it is always seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. When we transform the way our thoughts are operating, we change our entire orientation to both inner and outer reality. We become available for inspiration and improvement. We are open to guidance from the higher mind. This happens even without specifically changing the contents of our thoughts.


When we are in a state of permanent reactivity and monkey mind, our emotions are scary, mysterious, and somewhat out of control. We are in a state of hoping for good, pleasant emotions and avoiding ‘bad’, unpleasant ones and are reactive rather than proactive when it comes to our inner and outer worlds. Being so afraid of our emotions, we stay in a place of emotional avoidance, sometimes for life. Emotional avoidance seems like the norm in this situation. It just seems so obvious that we wouldn’t want to feel anything painful that we end up missing out on the most beautiful aspects of human experience, all in an effort to avoid pain.

When we quit avoiding emotions that are here anyway and just feel them, we are actually performing an act of self-love rather than rejection of the inner child. You see, all repetitive ‘negative’ emotions are just wounded aspects of the self begging for love and healing. When you actually give them the love they crave, they quiet down and a whole new range of positive emotions open up for you. This changes the way you greet the world and that changes the way the world reacts to you.

“Altered States”

The conscious mind is forever programming the subconscious and beliefs form the structure of our perceived reality. The subconscious then runs with it and brings the emotions along to make the ride that much more interesting. Beliefs form the boundary of our reality in which we live. Change the beliefs and you change the subjective experience of your reality. As that subjective experience changes, a new feedback loop is created between you and your environment, which ends up altering the manifestation of your outer world.

Example: You have the belief, “I am a loser.” You are at a party, not having fun, feeling bad. You then discover that a very attractive person is interested in you and attracted to you. Your belief changes to, “I am attractive. I am lucky.” Now the party feels a lot more fun. The party didn’t change. You did. Your energy has a new tone, and that is seen by others, who then react to you differently. Now you begin reinforcing the new positive belief and the feedback loop becomes a positive one.


When you start to deeply change the above three parts of yourself, some form of altered state occurs without substances, meditation, or hypnosis. When you stop using your energy to fuel the monkey mind or emotional avoidance, you will have extra energy that has to be expressed in another way. You will perhaps feel extreme euphoria combined with ‘realizations’. You may have visions or experience extreme synchronicity.

The trap here is to prematurely attempt to understand and define what is going on. When you do this, you often stop or slow the forward momentum of your transformation. I recommend taking a relaxed approach to these kinds of peak experiences and resisting hard definitions around what your experiences ‘mean’. The human ego’s need to understand and to assign meaning is what turns sublime spirituality to dogmatic religion. Let the realizations come and go, understanding that the monkey mind will jump at these experiences in order to regain control. As you integrate these glimpses without rushing to define them, you will be in a more grounded place of understanding. You will then be in a new, higher octave of experience.