Here’s How You’ll Know That A Strong Woman Is Falling For You


Strong women don’t fall often, but when they do, it’s because it’s real. There are no games, no second guessing and no doubts. She will know in her heart that you are the one and you will know on your heart that she is the right one for you.

If you are lucky enough to meet a woman like this, these are the three main signs that she is falling for you:

1. She will make you part of her world.

She has built a career or a life on her own. She has learned how to be independent, strong and live by herself. She knows how to change a bulb, how to live according to her budget, how to manage her money and which steps she has to take in order to make her career grow, but when she is falling for you, she will want to make you part of her life. She will invite you to the events that she attends, she will trust you and share with you her secrets, her fears and her concerns about her job, her life or her money. She will be proud of introducing you to her friends and her family.

2. She will be interested on your life.

In the same way you are interested in hers, she will be in yours. She will want to know about you, what you do and all those silly little details that no one has asked before. She will be excited to hear the story of how you broke your arm when you were four or how you decided to study your career. She won’t get bored when you tell her about your secret obsession with Oreos and Peanut Butter and she will ask about your mother, your father and if your grandma is doing well. Even on her busy schedule, she will have time to listen to you, because you are an important part of her life.

3. She will imagine a future with you.

This kind of woman is goal-oriented and a dreamer, and when she sees that you have potential for being her partner, she is going to start imagining a future with you. The plans of taking that vacation to Europe will change, because now she sees herself with you on that special adventure. She will start imagining how fun is going to be Christmas and New Year’s Eve by your side and how is her family going to react when they meet the amazing guy that you are.

A strong woman doesn’t open her heart to everyone, and now she is doing that with you. She has decided to break her walls down because she trusts you and she thinks that you are someone that will take care of her and her heart.

Appreciate that and do your best to keep her happy, because she’s worth it.