Here’s How Your Fav Celebrities Have Rocked Their ‘I Voted’ Stickers (So Far)


January Jones voted from her tub

Drew Barrymore glowed in her civic selfie

Alanis Morisette rocked her ‘I Voted’ sticker while breastfeeding

Justin Timberlake took an (illegal, FYI) pic of his polling place

Jessica Biel waited until she got home to do a selfie photoshoot

Katy Perry celebrated her birthday by voting for Hillary

Eva Longoria encouraged her followers to get out and vote

Sheryl Crow shared her voting pic with a Snapchat flower crown

Brie Larson stood in a LONG line to vote

Mario Lopez fulfilled his civic duty

Lauren Conrad did a chest selfie (a chestie?)

Shonda Rhimes thanks the election volunteers

Christian Slater mailed in his ballot

Idina Menzel broadcast her vote for Hillary

Get out the vote!