Here’s The Beautiful Truth About This Life: You’re Never Alone


Life is beautiful. Astonishing. The problem is that we don’t know how to appreciate it.

We have lost the capacity of excitement. We no longer get surprised by a sunset or a full moon. Mountains have gone from beautiful landscapes to spaces for construction instead. What is wrong with us? Why have we decided to forget about what is really important?

We’re constantly complaining about feeling empty, feeling that we’re stuck, and that’s because we don’t stop to breathe and really appreciate what we have and everything that’s surrounding us.

If we woke up every day looking up to the sky and admiring the path that the clouds are following, our day would start so differently. If we could only be capable of interacting with other people the way we interact with our closest friends, everything would be much easier.

Just imagine a world in which we are all friends. A world in which we all take into considerations others’ dreams and desires, and despite our differences, we love not only our family and friends but every single person we meet, even if it was just for a second.

Life would be a lot different if we shared smiles with every person we saw in the streets, in the park, in work, because who wouldn’t like to receive and unexpected smile or a “have a good day”? We all like to feel like we are part of something, part of somebody, and taking every single person into consideration, sharing our positivity is important.

But sadly, we are more centered in ourselves, and we are always expecting the worse from everything and everyone. We go through life, fighting and disliking every person that disagrees with us in anything, always thinking we have the absolute truth, always wanting to be as somebody else, always needing to feel superior.

We go through life, thinking that we are alone in this world, without looking to the other sides, without thinking about the others around us, that every single one of them has their own problems, their own goals and stories.

What we are missing goes beyond only being conscious about others’ existence. What we really need to accomplish is seeing others as us.

Everyone we meet has feelings, has their own way of success, and want to be happy. If we all could be capable of seeing others as our equals, our world, our lives will be a lot different, more enjoyable, easier, happier.