Here’s The Brutal Truth About Why It’s Time To Head Back To The Gym


Time and time again, we have all heard the basic incentives for exercising. These include an increase in confidence, endorphins which make you happy (@Elle Woods), a boost in energy, and countless others. With this article, however, I have chosen to take a slightly different approach. Instead of relaying the various benefits that we’ve all been hearing since our 3rd grade P.E. class, let’s get real – or should I say, physical? (Sorry, had to.)

You probably spend your weekends binge drinking.

Plus, there’s always the occasional Wednesday happy hour that accidentally turns into a blackout. (No? Just me?) While alcoholic beverages obviously contain extra calories you don’t necessarily need, the real issues occur right around last call when someone casually suggests ordering a pizza. No matter how health-oriented you typically are, there is absolutely no holding back when it comes to eating pizza while intoxicated. Essentially, you become a wild animal. It’s also insanely attractive if you’re scarfing one down while in the presence of the guy you like, so keep it up.

Bottom line: Our weekends often involve making several not-so-healthy choices, so keep it balanced by squeezing in some quality workouts during the week. You’ll always regret that drunk pizza, but you’ll never regret killin it on the stair master. #BootyWork

You used to laugh at yourself for getting winded going up the stairs – but now it’s starting to get pathetic.

LOL I need to go to the gym, but I probably won’t!” Oh, but you need to – because an elderly woman just sped past your huffing-and-puffing self, and it’s embarrassing. We constantly hear that staying active helps us feel better about ourselves – but it also just helps us do simple tasks without looking like a moron.

You may feel intimated by the fitness fanatics around you at the gym, and worry that you’re never going to get to their level. Maybe not – but you may be pleasantly surprised with how much stronger you feel after upping your physical activity even just a bit.

You’ll stop forgetting your new cube mate’s name – for the sixth time.

Yes, exercising boosts brain power. Plus, in addition to sparing you the embarrassment of fumbling over your words at a client meeting, it can enhance our creativity. Sometimes a quick jog can be exactly what we needed to move past that infuriating writer’s block, or lack of ideas for an upcoming project.

In fact, I had the idea to write this article while I was on the treadmill this morning. Granted, I think about what to write next more than anything else ever, but you get the point. Lose yourself in a good workout and let your mind wander – you never know where it might take you.

You’ll just look a hell of a lot better.

Among the various health benefits of exercise, we often fail to mention the one that we all secretly care about the most – looking good. It’s almost as if we pretend that we work out solely to feel healthier or to lift our spirits. Of course, those things are a factor too – but let’s not pretend we don’t love noticing our clothes are getting a little looser, or that we didn’t just zoom in and stare at our prominent leg muscle in our latest tagged photo.

Hard work leads to results – and that sweet satisfaction of hearing “Have you been working out?” or “You look like you’ve lost weight!” makes it all worth it.