Here’s The Type of Love You Truly Deserve


You deserve the kind of love that is deeper than the ocean. A deep love is something that can’t be defined by wealth or fame, it can’t be measured by time or distance, and it can’t be compared to anything that’s pleasing in the eyes, but is relatively immeasurable and mysterious. The only measurement that can atone to it is “deep” — too deep, you can’t even see the bottom, and too deep that it seems infinite. And love should be eternal, it should be endless, and it should imply commitment. One who is deeply in love wakes up every morning to give meaning to every experience, and does not seek for comparison or judgement.

You deserve a love that motivates you. One that whispers “keep going” when it gets too hard to make a step further, one that will open your eyes to every beautiful thing that roams the Earth. A type of love that will let you appreciate even the most difficult experiences; and will make you realize that every sad scene accounts for a happy ending. It is out there, and you need to remember that the love you deserve will make you appreciate life, a love that will motivate you to “keep living a meaningful life, no matter what” when circumstances become too tough.

You deserve a love that comes timely, for love is not found. It comes accordingly, when you are ready for it. You need to understand that you are a living proof of “love” and so, you don’t need to seek any further. Love will come to you when you’re committed enough to cherish it, to sustain it, to spread it and to keep it.

You deserve a love that finds a home in you . . . for love is the most comforting emotion that humans are capable of. It is a seed that grows to bear fruits of kindness, courage, compassion and hope. It is a tree that roots from trust, loyalty, and understanding. Every heart is a home, and that home becomes empty when love is missing. You deserve a love that does not make you feel homeless, and you deserve a love that somehow makes you feel responsible to nourish it. You need to become a welcoming home, to invite that love to come to you. A Home is a resting place, and so you deserve a love that will forever rest in you, for you and with you.

You deserve a love that sets you free — free from all the bad memories of the past, free from the ugly pictures you imagined about love, and free from the meaningless definition of love such as pain and mistrust. You deserve a love that allows you to leave when you no longer feel like you can stay, but most importantly, you deserve a love that will never give you the feeling of needing to be “FREE”.

You deserve a love that can conquer all, even the hardest temptations and the most unbearable discouragement. A love that can withstand the strongest and raging storms, you deserve the type of love that will keep you safe.

Yes, there is a kind of love that is too beautiful to imagine . . . you just have to believe and see for yourself. For starters, take a deep breath and evaluate yourself – ensure that you are capable enough to handle that type of love, and that you are also willing to offer more than what you are bound to receive.  Remember, love is felt and is manifested through actions.