Here’s To The Girls Who Choose To Love Their Flaws


It seems that to be appreciated, or even liked, you’re made to think you must be something you’re not. You have to be what people want you to be, what they need you to be. You have to be a certain way to fit in, for people to even like you. They make it harder for you to actually be. People point out all of your faults, like there’s something inherently wrong with you.

It happens in numerous ways: when a boy breaks up with you, when your friends talk behind your back, when you don’t get a job. They reject you because you’re different, or because you don’t meet their standards. You change, hoping that things will be different, that you will be liked by the world. But all it gives you is heartbreak.

It can feel like it’s because you are too flawed. It can feel like you are being forced to change who you are. But it’s too late to change.

Don’t change for people who will always find something wrong with you. It’s not because you’re damaged or a mistake. It’s because the world can’t handle what’s real – they’ve become accustomed to a world filled with fake.

Your flaws are fingerprints – they are unique only to you. Wear them proudly on your sleeve. The ones who matter will not ask you to change.

Being yourself is the bravest thing you’ll ever do. You threaten the world because you dare to be different and unafraid – and that scares people.

Loving yourself, flaws and all, makes it harder for the world to take you down.