Here’s To The Girls Who Feel So Misunderstood


Here’s to the girls who disguise themselves in oversized hoodies because they are ashamed to wear the curves that hug their bodies.

Here’s to the boys who shy away in the overwhelming school showers because they don’t have the physique of a male model.

Here’s to the underdogs who hide behind books that transport them into other realms rather than face the noise of overcrowded hallways.

Here’s to the teenagers who find comfort at the bottom of a beer bottle at parties that they wish they hadn’t gone to.

Here’s to the girls that lay on bathroom floors in a puddle of their own tears, every tear whispering another harsh,bitter rumor.

Here’s to the teenagers wearing long sleeves to cover the track mark-scars that¬†razor blades leave on their arms.

Here’s to the girls whose nails are gnawed and non-existent after purging all their self-hate into toilets.

Here’s to the boys with purple and bleeding knuckles from punching mirrors because they’re angry at themselves for pretending to love the taste of girls lips when all they dream about is being to hold another boys embrace.

Here’s to the girls who stand in showers with raw, red skin from trying to scrub away the dirt and grime covering them like a second skin because someone stole innocence that didn’t belong to them.

Here’s to the teenagers who’s knuckles turn white from gripping onto their school desks; trying desperately to hold onto reality while their bodies shake,breathing quickens and vision blurs.

Here’s to the teenagers who sob their heart outs as they try to sew their hearts back together and be whole once again.

Here’s to the teenagers who are slammed into lockers, labeled “freaks” and blend into the walls as if they are merely shadows.

Here’s to the girls who scream into pillows because they trusted their precious heart with the wrong person.

Here’s to the misjudged. Here’s to the misunderstood. Here’s to us.