Here’s To The Quiet Ones


Here’s to the ones that are “too quiet”.

To the ones who think in colours yet to be created, but speak in black and white.

To the ones who have fireworks dancing in their minds, but act as if it’s the 3rd of July.

To the ones who live in five different worlds, but can’t seem to find their place on the globe.

To the ones who fight battles every day, but don’t use their voice as a sword.

To the ones who communicate with their ears, but constantly have to hear “ why are you so shy?”.

To the ones who want to know your passions and fears, but settle for “so, how’s the weather?” instead.

To the ones whose ideas transcend walls, but have to “speak up” so Johnny can hear them at the back of the class.

To the ones who’ve experienced the most bloodshed, but put bandaids over their lips.

To the ones who’ve seen the hardest of truths, but wear glasses just to fool you.

To the ones who know the right answer, but never have the courage to raise their hands.

To the ones who used to say “no”, but stopped after learning that no one ever listened.

To the ones who know your bullshit is made of glass, but swallow it down like they don’t have a choice.

To the ones who could bury you with their words, but don’t waste their breath on things that don’t matter.

To the ones may who not be the loudest in the room, but choose to feed their minds instead of their egos.

To the ones who may walk away from an argument, but know that victories aren’t measured in decibels.

To the ones who’ve built enough walls to fill a mansion, but won’t give out hammers to just about everyone.

To the ones who may not be an open book, but know that mysteries are more interesting anyways.

To the ones who have more to say than you think, but know that their syllables are too precious to throw around.

To the ones who nod and smile at your every command, but know that silence is often more powerful than words.

To the ones who have “socially awkward” permanently tattooed on their skin, but have no time for temporary people.

To the ones don’t speak in exclamation marks, but whose question marks make you re-evaluate all that you know.

To the ones who laugh when you say “you’re too quiet”, but wish they could say “you’re a bit too fucking loud”.

To the ones who are constantly misunderstood, but understand the most.

To the ones who take “you’re too quiet”, as the best compliment of all.