Here’s What Everyone In Your Life Wants For Christmas, Based On Their Zodiac Sign


What would an Aries want for Christmas?

Sports equipment, headphones, and a good pair of running shoes.

What would a Taurus want for Christmas?

A kitchen appliance, tickets to the Opera, a big soft & comfy throw.

What would a Cancer Sign want for Christmas?

A vegan cookbook, a new house, a puppy.

What would a Leo want for Christmas?

Fine jewelry, 3 Dozen red roses, Decadent chocolates from another country.

What would Virgos want for Christmas?

Chargers for their electronics, an external hard drive, A desk organizer.

What would Libras want for Christmas?

A Beautiful lipstick palate, Designer cologne, A Louis Vuitton scarf

What would Scorpios want for Christmas?

Lingerie, Sex, Revenge

What would Sagittarius want for Christmas?

A trip overseas, a nice pair of blue jeans, durable luggage.

What would Capricorn want for Christmas?

A luxurious designer watch, an upgraded wedding ring/band, Have the entire family come to their home for the holidays.

What would an Aquarius want for Christmas?

World Peace, Money, Amazon gift card.

What would a Pisces want for Christmas?

A pretty journal to write their poems, Designer shoes, A trip to Fiji.

What would a Gemini want for Christmas?

Something fun! A karaoke machine, a new piece of technology, some pretty or sparkly piece of clothing.