Here’s What It Means To Be Strong And Independent (But Also Super Sensitive)


Here’s what it means to be strong, independent, and yet incredibly sensitive and needy.

It means you can take care of yourself. Always. When it comes to everyday tasks, you rarely rely on the outside world. You fix your own tires or at least wait for AAA on your own. You’d rather walk a mile home from the mechanic then text a friend for a ride. You always make it home from the club. No matter how drunk. You find your stumbling way home. It means you can take care of yourself on the daily. You make your own dinner. You do your own tasks. You wait for the cable guy, even if that means commuting back and forth between work and home.

You don’t need someone to save you.

But, you’re also extremely sensitive to the point where you’ve been classified as needy. You need attention. And a lot of it. Maybe it’s simply cause you get bored so damn easily. But, you know that’s a lie. You want to feel wanted.

You live by this premise – I want you, but I don’t need you. A phrase that has pushed away so many. You rarely let people in, but when you do, you latch onto them. You don’t let them go.

You cry a lot. And feel lonely a lot. You hate feeling lonely. It makes you feel weak. Independent girls aren’t supposed to feel this way. The more lonely you feel, the more lost you get and the more you cry.

You’re independent, but sensitive – the rarest of breeds, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.