Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Favorite Holiday


Valentine’s Day

If you have a special place in your heart for all things Valentine’s, you probably know by now that you are and forever will be the hopeless romantic girlfriend. For you, it is not about the pressure of expecting flowers or candy. You enjoy those sweet perks too, but you get more excited when you think of this holiday as an excuse to be your 100% self for one day. This means you get to enjoy all your favorite RomComs, eat heart-shaped food out of heart-shaped packaging, and feel all the love in the world bubble up around you in one day.

St. Patrick’s Day

Let’s face it. There is probably no Irish blood running through your veins, but for some reason, you’ve been hooked on St. Paddy’s Day for as long as you can remember (or ever since you’ve been legally allowed to drink). You enjoy the sense of community you find in Irish pubs and there is nothing wrong with having a pint of green beer. So, because you actually fancy having a beer and singing tunes in a sticky smelly bar it is safe to assume that you are the chilled and go-with-the-flow girlfriend. Nothing can break your spirit and ruin your fun, especially during this holiday.


The religious undertones of this holiday do not really appeal to you. I mean, sure, you appreciate the meaning behind it. But, you are more excited about hiding the eggs and feeling the crisp Spring air on your cheeks. For you, Easter mostly means the rebirth of nature. You cannot wait for all the cute little animals to come out from their hiding places and for the cherry trees to start blooming once again. You are the optimistic girlfriend because you know that another Spring will always be just around the corner.

Mother’s Day/Father’s Day

Maybe you’re not yourself a parent yet, but that does not mean you cannot fully enjoy these two holidays. Every time these two special days roll around you get extremely emotional and you start to reminisce over your childhood memories of them. You call your parents and make your mom show you the cards you used to make and macaroni necklaces she used to wear from you. You are the homemaker girlfriend and you cannot wait to have your own family to spend these two holidays with.

4th of July

This one is probably the only holiday that serves as an excuse to throw big neighborhood parties. And, you’re all for it; the fireworks, the smell of BBQ burgers, the flags, and the music. But, if you consider this to be your favorite holiday it does not mean you are an over the top patriot. Instead, it makes you a highly social and inclusive girlfriend. It means that you make it your mission to be kind to everyone around you and offer them a helping hand when they are in need.


As soon as the 1st of September hits, you are already carving pumpkins and putting your Halloween costume on. It’s possible you have loved this holiday ever since you were a kid and still wish you can go out trick-or-treating. But, you get weird looks now, so you don’t. However, getting candy is no longer your number one reason for being a Halloween fanatic. Nowadays you simply enjoy the pretending part of it; putting on intricate costumes and seeing how long it takes before people recognize you. Therefore, you are the pretender girlfriend and that might be why everyone is always on their toes when they are around you.


Really, how much more American can you get? You cannot wait to stick your fork in the turkey and the mashed potatoes and football is the only thing you watch during this time. To be completely honest, this holiday means you are one of two types of girlfriends: either you are the lazy one (because you like to sit back and be served), or you are the nurturer girlfriend (because it warms your heart to see your guests filling up on food you’ve been preparing for hours, even days). So, it really all boils down to the activity you find yourself doing during this time. But, hey, who’s to say you cannot be both?


Not sure if you’re aware, but there might be a small possibility you are Jewish. As a kid, you used to rub it in your friends’ faces that you got more gifts than them for 8 days straight. In reality, you just got more socks and stuff you never saw the point of. But now, you’ve become more aware of the heritage and meaning behind Hanukkah so you take it more seriously. And, in your opinion, it is imperative that all relatives come together and celebrate accordingly. Therefore, you may very well be the family-focused girlfriend.


Gifts? Check! Ribbons and wrapping paper? Check! Fairy lights on the Christmas Tree? Check! You hit play on that Christmas playlist as soon as the last piece of turkey is gone. And, your whole year revolves around making the next Christmas the best one yet. But, this holiday is not only about the gifts and the Elf movie for you. It is so much deeper than that. It is about family coming together and celebrating the end of another year. This is why you are the guardian girlfriend. In your view, there is nothing more important than safeguarding your family’s traditions and making sure they are kept each time.

New Year’s Eve

As far as you’re concerned, this is not a superficial holiday at all. Sure, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the frenzy of finding the perfect dress and the perfect venue. On the other hand, the beginning of a new year means the possibility of reinventing yourself and starting fresh. You take this holiday as an opportunity to reflect on what you have done right and wrong during the past year and to make hopeful resolutions for the next one. It does not matter whether or not you will keep them. What matters is that you are the reflecting type and New Year’s Eve is your chance to shed your old habits and make a wish for a brand new shiny life. And, it certainly does not hurt that you can do this while drinking champagne and having the time of your life!