Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Venus Sign


While the majority of us know our Sun Signs, what relays our dominant personality traits, not many of us take a look at our Venus Signs, or how we express our romantic attractions and sexual desires. By understanding your Venus Sign (and your partners!), you can understand the different aspects that make you compatible and how to work on your relationship. Find your Venus Sign on Cafe Astrology.


You’re a fiery and passionate girlfriend who wants all the attention and attraction on you. You’re always up front, direct, and believe you should be the center of the universe to the person you are with. You’re no stranger to love at first sight – and have definitely made a move on someone you caught the eye of across the bar. It’s important for you to know whether the person is into you or not right away. So you’ll ask. You’ll always keep the communication open because you always want everyone to know what you are thinking in the relationship.


Even if you aren’t quick to admit it, you are a hopeless romantic. You want to have every aspect of the “ritual” of a “typical” courtship to be completed on a specific pace – and you won’t be shy to explain what that pace should be. But you don’t want to take things too slowly, so once you feel comfortable, you will pick up the pace. You want to have all the sensual aspects of a relationship secured right away: cuddling, massages, hand holding. You name it, you’re doing it! Be cognizant of not overspending on your partner – homemade is just as good as store bought!


You need your space in relationships and your ideal partner has an interest beyond the scope of your relationship as well. You are able to handle yourself in a long distance relationship because it takes away from the pressure of having to “settle down.” Be careful not to lose the one in front of you because you’re distracted by someone else. Delete those Tinder AND Bumble profiles once you are in the swing of things or else it may get messy.


Equal parts caring and sexual, you are the ideal girlfriend for someone who needs a bit of pampering but can heat it up in the bedroom. You are scared to take risks, which may make your partner think you aren’t as into them as you are. Once you open up and trust someone, you are able to take care of everything for them and yourself. Don’t be afraid to take risks, get your heart broken, and learn from your mistakes.


You cannot be ignored in a relationship. You have to be the center of everyone’s attention which means that sometimes you go a little over the top when it comes to romantic gestures or planning date nights. You want everything to be grandiose and perfect, but sometimes that means you are taking away from the real star of the show: yourself. You know in your heart that you are good enough as is without the “showy” aspects, so try showing that to your partner.


You won’t get into a relationship unless you know that person is the one. But if you are never putting yourself out there, how will you ever find that person? It’s okay to throw caution to the wind a little bit so long as you aren’t lowering your standards for someone. Have a specific dealbreaker? Make sure your partner knows right away so they don’t get on your nerves about something later down the line. Love may not be easy for you initially, but once you get it in your life, you’re never letting go.


You seem to have all the luck when it comes to getting into relationships, but sometimes it is difficult to make people stick around. That’s because you are Love Personified and are always looking at what the next traditional stage in dating is. You are obsessed with making everything picture perfect and how you always envisioned it would be. Remember that your partner is a human being, not a doll to change to your whims and you will flourish in love.


You are seductive and intense. You find your person all the time because casual dating is not for you. You want to know all the details of your partner from the get-go and if they aren’t comfortable with that, they aren’t for you. You need someone just as intense as you are who can create a safe, non-judgemental space for you in a relationship. Finding that person means you will have your happily ever after.


Skeptical of getting into a relationship, you are a wild and adventurous soul. Relationships mean that you are getting something out of it (like growth). You need to stay as an individual in the relationship, so once you are feeling trapped, you may need to get out. Fortune favors the bold, so you have no problem getting into a relationship. And if you aren’t getting anything out of it? Well, there are plenty of fish in the sea – and on Tinder.


Relationships are an investment and you are in it for the long haul. You’ll wait patiently as your partner reveals their every dimension—including their dark side. You’re as much a realist as you are a romantic. While you know that there’s no such thing as perfection, you aren’t looking to play psychologist to the tragically flawed. You aren’t afraid to cut and run if need be.


You don’t approach relationships the way the rest of us do, but that’s okay. If your partner can’t handle your rebellious aspects, they aren’t the one for you. Marriage may not be your ideal, but you still want to be exclusive. It’s important to you to be intellectually stimulated so your partner needs to be able to hold a conversation with you and tell you something interesting. If you can find that in a person, that will be the one.


Much like Libra Venus, romance is your reason to be. You want to take in all aspects of a relationship and your partner. You’re quick to express your love to someone and try not to lead people on – although sometimes you do. Try to make sure you don’t become too dependent on your partner and to give yourself some space in every relationship.