Here’s What Makes You A Great Girlfriend, Based On Your Zodiac Sign



Very emotional, hot headed people. They tend to get jealous easy, and need someone to keep up with them. She is forceful, but not in a bad way, she’s just very passionate, and can be too “spicy” for some people. She likes when her lover gives most if not all the attention, and when you are loyal to her.


Patience, patience, and more patience. Also very stubborn. She does not like to be told what to do. They are seductive, they love to be. They get what they want when they want. Can be lazy if told to do something. Very down to earth, and are usually very supportive.


Usually very demanding but casual. She’s got two sides. Loves to talk usually, express her opinion. When upset can be a danger with her words. Loves to be nurtured but also needs her independence. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but tends to keep lovers on a string. Needs emotional, and mental connection. Needs intellectual convos. Jealousy can occasionally be an issue,


Very emotional, and have a great passion to them. They need time to form a relationship. They love to cook, and take care of their lovers. They can usually tell when someone leads them on. Trust is a huge thing for her. Once she trusts you, you can have her loyalty. They tend to be very intuitive. She also has a warming feel to her.


Tend to be very emotional, love to be adored and taken care of, but they give a lot too. Can be stubborn, and lazy at times. They get turned off if someone isn’t loyal. Can be egotistical, but fun to be with. Life of the party usually, Can be tough sometimes, but also very passionate.


Seem cold, and unattached. In reality they do have emotions. They just don’t know how to process their emotions, because they are very sensible and practical. Virgo women are fixers and like to fix. They don’t do it to nag you, they genuinely believe they are helping. They tend to be hard to open up overall, but once they do they are great people. Can be stubborn, and done like being told what to do.


Very charming, and enchanting. Very very seductive, and likes class and elegance. They exclude romance, and love love. Sometimes it can be TOO much! They like compliments, and gifts. They seem to always be in love all the time. Loves the sappy love notes, and sweet romantic things. Romance is all around her. They are indecisive though.


Critical, very critical. They don’t mean to be, they just like things a certain way. They are emotional, and can be a tad demanding. Ultimate seduction and flirtation overall. They don’t give in very easily though. Usually likes sex but needs to take control. Possessive and mysterious. Worries about trust a little.


Always on the go. Loves creative aspects. She gets bored very easily and can be rude at times. Tends to be extremely blunt, and that can be a huge issue for her. Its very hard for her to keep secrets. Loves freedom, and if you make her bored she won’t try to fix anything. Needs to be kept on her toes constantly.


They love romance, but needs to be romanced by the right guy. They take awhile to open up, and they are very classy. Needs patience and loves confidence. Needs to be wooed and courted. Major trust issues though.


Very smart, loves to read and study science. Usually very independent, funny, and smart. Not the clingy or jealous type. Isn’t the touchy touchy type. Loves excitement, and unpredictability. To be with the aqua woman you need to be a great communicator. Doesn’t enjoy being tied down.


Very emotional creatures. Tends to be upset when others are upset. Sensitive and hurt easily. They are usually very feminine, and can see right through lies. Loves to nurture overall, and sometimes can seem clingy. Loves romance and emotion. Needs someone to be straight with her.

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