Here’s What To Do With Your Unused Beauty Products


Every season I end up with tons of unused makeup, and beauty products from swag bags as well as subscribed monthly boxes.

I feel guilty throwing them away if none of my friends want these beauty treasures.

This year, I decided to donate them to local women’s shelters or organizations with the sole purpose of providing beauty and feminine products to women and girls in need.

Here are a few organizations in the US you can find to put your unwanted makeup to good use, while improving the lives of thousands of women in the process.


Project Beauty Share, a Washington-based nonprofit organization set out to collect cosmetics and beauty products for women in difficult circumstances.

Project Beauty Share started out as a small realization that the owner, Farley had while doing makeup for one of her clients.

“My client said that she had some gently used products in her makeup kit that weren’t age appropriate and she had no use for them,” Farley said. “Rather than throw them out or collect dust, I took them off her hands and from then on, the collection began to grow.”

Project Beauty Share now has a massive volunteer force, with volunteers making up 100 percent of the workers.


Beauty Bus Foundation makes sure that everyone experiences beauty by traveling to the residences of men, women, and children who suffer from chronic illnesses, providing them with beauty and grooming services.

According to Director of Operations and Programs, Bonnie Kleiger, Beauty Bus has given away over 40,000 “Bags of Beauty” filled with unused beauty and care products to clients.


Another great option would be to seek out local women’s shelters. There are women in your community who could use a confidence boost while going through difficult times.

We all know makeup isn’t necessary, and it’s not needed for survival, but it is SO much more than just makeup to the women receiving these products.

Many shelters have makeup products included in their donation items lists and would be more than happy to accept your unwanted stash. Just be mindful of what types of makeup each location allows, as some do not allow opened products.

Now let’s start donating! 💋