Here’s What You Need To Know Before Dating The Smart Girl With The Big Heart


1. She will try to rationalize the way she’s feeling.

When the smart girl starts falling in love, her first instinct is to question her emotions. She’s not used to letting her heart take the steering wheel, so her brain will hold her back for a while.

She’ll need to study what’s going on between you. Evaluate your relationship’s progression. Rationalize why she’s feeling the way she is. Make sure that you’re a good fit practically, not just emotionally. The smart, big-hearted girl doesn’t let her heart take the lead right away – she keeps a clear head while she’s testing the waters.

2. She loves sparingly.

The smart girl is adept at visualizing the outcome of her relationships – so adept, in fact, that she writes most of them off before they have the chance to begin.

She doesn’t date for the sake of dating and as a consequence, she is cautious about who she invests in. If she’s taking an interest in you, know that she’s serious about you – she invests her heart sparingly and wisely.

3. She doesn’t trust easily.

She isn’t looking for a fling or a short-term relationship – she’s interested in a long-term investment. And before making that investment, she needs to make sure it’s a wise one.

She will trust you in increments – making sure that you are genuine in your small-scale intentions before she trusts you with the big ones.

4. She will be cautious about handing her heart over.

When the big-hearted girl hands her heart over, she hands over 100% of it. Which means she’s incredibly careful about how and when she chooses to do so.

She won’t be ‘all in’ by the end of the first date. Or the second. Or the tenth. She needs consistency, reliability and honesty, over a long period of time. She’ll hand her heart over if and when you’ve already shown her you’ll keep it safe.

5. Her intellect deepens her love.

She knows that her head isn’t at odds with her heart – quite the opposite, in fact. When the smart girls decides to give her heart over to you, she does so with a keen intuition about how she plans to make the relationship work.

She’s been studying you, learning about you and deepening her understanding about how to make a relationship with you work, for as long as she’s been considering your role in her life. She could write an entire dissertation on how she plans to keep the relationship thriving.

6. Once you have her, you’ll have 100% of her.

The smart girl knows that going halfway in on a relationship is a waste of time and energy. Once she’s in, she’s all in.

She’s decided that you’re someone she wants to invest in and from that point onward, there are no lengths she will not go to in order to keep the two of you together.

7. She will never stop asking you questions.

The smart girl knows that making a relationship work means committing to continuous growth alongside each other. And so she will never stop vying to discover more about you – what motivates you, what scares you, what intrigues you and what grows you. She wants to know you inside out and backwards, so that she can do everything within her power to support you in the best possible way as you change and grow throughout the relationship.

8. It takes a hell of a man to handle her.

The smart girl with the big heart doesn’t love simply or passively – she loves in a big, overwhelming way and she needs a man who can match her level of commitment.

Nothing about this girl is simple or straight-forward – she’s a complex web of thoughts, emotions and dreams – but if she’s chosen to be with you, chances are you are too. And the two of you can support and believe in one another as you move toward those great aspirations.

9. She’ll never stop striving to make you happy.

Once she’s decided on you, the big-hearted girl will wake up every morning actively thinking about what she can do to make you happier than she did the day before.

She will never stop trying to put a smile on your face and encouragement in your heart – she believes in you fiercely and loves you unconditionally. She considers it her personal goal to make you as happy as she possibly can, for as long as the two of you are together.

10. She needs a great deal of independence.

You’re a huge part of her world, but not the whole thing. The smart, big-hearted girl needs a lot of time to herself – her thoughts can be all consuming and she needs a great deal of alone time to process them.

Just trust that she will come back to you every time she pulls away – once she commits to you, she’s not going anywhere.

11. She expects you to be equals.

The smart, big-hearted girl isn’t interested in being doted on or treated with kid gloves. She’s a force of nature and she needs a man who respects her as such. She wants you to be equals in your relationship – each putting 100% into it and supporting one another as best as you are both able to.

She doesn’t want a boyfriend – she wants a partner. One who is ready to put just as much work into the relationship as she undoubtedly will.

12. She will love you like no one else ever has (or will).

The thing about the smart, big-hearted girl is that she doesn’t do anything halfway. Once she chooses you to spend her life with, she will let you into every part of her heart and devote the whole of it to making you happy.

She may be cautious. She may be slow to warm up to you. She may not give herself over to you as easily as other girls will – but once you have her, she will love you like no one else ever will. And the smart, big-hearted man knows that a woman like her is worth the wait.