Here’s What You Should Be Saying Instead Of Constantly Telling People ‘I’m OK’


Sometimes you say that too often.

Other times you repeat it over and over and over and over just to convince yourself.

I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m okay.

You think you’re choosing to be okay, but really, you’re simply forcing the okay-ness upon yourself by trying to rationalize your feelings, and in the process deny that they actually exist.

Instead, choose to be okay with yourself.

Be okay with being who you are right now even if it isn’t who you want to be just yet. Be okay with your failures and mistakes because they’re teaching you to be better. Be okay with your feelings – be okay with the thought that you got hurt in the face of rejection. Be okay with the fact that you aren’t as invincible as you wish or imagine yourself to be. Be okay with the thought that in this life, that there will be days when you will feel defeated, but it doesn’t mean that you actually are so. Be okay with being not okay. Be okay with being a not yet. Be okay with the uncertainties – there won’t ever be enough of those in this life. Be okay with the thought that it doesn’t all boil down to effort sometimes – sometimes timing plays a much bigger role when it comes to opportunities. Be okay with yourself, with who you currently are, where you currently are – if you’re not satisfied just yet, trust that it won’t be for long.

Of course, the world is likely to tell you – quite unabatedly – how weak and incompetent and unsuccessful you are, how you are not trying enough, or how you’re not good enough in the first place.
Although it is difficult to not regard it as the truth (believe me, I know), do find it in you to trust that it’s not. Don’t allow yourself to drown in all of the world’s condescension. It’s never worth it.

Be okay with yourself. Yes, what you’re going through is all parts difficult, but it’s all part of life. All of your moments, all of your experiences, all of your emotions – it’s all part of being human. It’s all part of being alive.

And it’s okay.

And it’s beautiful.

Because sometimes, to be okay with yourself is all you really need to bounce back, to keep trying, and to be actually, truly, very much okay again.