Here’s What You Should Know Before Dating The Girl Who Loves To Read


1. You will be a constant disappointment.

A girl who reads has impossibly high standards. You must own the Grey Enterprise to sweep her off her feet. You have to be good at Quidditch to get her attention. You have to bring her to Honeydukes if you want her to feel better on her period. Believe me; she’s still waiting for that Hogwarts letter—and not that love letter you’re trying to fill with pretentious poetry. You basically have to be Finnick Odair or Tobias Eaton. Really, whatever you do will be compared to whatever her favorite fiction character does.

2. Shopping involves an hour or two in bookstores.

A girl who reads doesn’t settle in one isle with one book. She was born to wander around the bookstores feeling each and every spine in her fingertips as she passes them by. She will spend an hour reading the back covers and another, thinking how the story goes. Or maybe another hour for calculating her budget. And that’s when you must enter the picture. Buy her the books she wants not because she lacks money – trust me; she can save so much for those pages. Instead, buy her the books she wants because you know it will make her the happiest.

3. There will always be library nights and crying on the floor at the crack of dawn.

You will wake up in the middle of the night with the lampshade on. Do not turn it off. You will hear a sniff or constrained sobs as she tries to hold back tears. She doesn’t just empathize with what she reads; she sympathizes with every character in every situation. She always puts herself in other’s shoes. Thus, the crying. She prefers to read from midnight until the sun shines and you smell morning dew and fresh brewed coffee because that’s when she feels like one with the world. The silence gives her peace of mind. The stillness gives her serenity.

4. You will keep losing her.

Over and over again. Not with another guy but with the story that stays in her head for a couple of days or weeks. There will be moments when she will just stare at the wall, thinking. There will be times when she shuts out every static sound to focus on the book on her lap. Hold her hand, let her imagination run wild. I assure you that no matter how many books she lives in, you will be the home she’ll always come back to.

5. You will be her own open-ended story because she doesn’t want this to end.

Do not date a girl who reads if you are not willing to stay with her until the epilogue; if you are just here for a chapter or two. A girl who loves to reads doesn’t want to forget the story she loves no matter how heartbreaking it is. She doesn’t want the story to end no matter how tragic it would be. You will be part of her life forever—whether it ends badly or not. If you are willing to live in thousands and thousands of series with her, then that’s when you may date a girl who reads.