Here’s Which Zodiac Sign You Need To Avoid Like The Plague According To YOUR Sign



Your narcissistic and sensitive personality craves praise and despises criticism, which is why you’ll probably crumble under Virgo’s high standards. Virgo isn’t afraid to bluntly point out when your breath smells bad or when your outfit looks corny. This may lead your bruised ego to hold a grudge against them and block their number from your phone.


You and the centaur are virtual opposites. Sagittarius is addicted to freedom, escapism, and idealism, whilst you’re more grounded and stubborn. When you’re discussing which restaurant to eat at, Sagittarius will reply, ”Whatever, I don’t mind” and this will grate your fastidious disposition. Why can’t they just decide on a venue?! Although people say opposites attract, you’re just too different, and these differences in values will eventually end up making your date super awkward.


Cancer’s constant temper tantrums and crankiness will wear down your spirited, restless nature. They just want to Netflix and Chill with you back at their apartment, whereas you’re itching to do something new and more exciting. If you don’t learn to compromise and give them a chance, this date can easily get boring for you.


Watching you and Gemini go on a date is like watching yourself fall down a flight of stairs in slow motion. It’s uncomfortable, embarrassing, and painful, even for the poor waitress who has to serve you during your supposedly romantic dinner. Try to be less whiny and boring, or else Gemini will fake a family emergency and flee.


Taurus is a down-to-earth and discreet sign, whereas the lion is more flashy and out-of-this-world. As you’re taking selfies with your date and posting them on social media, Taurus is secretly uncomfortable with how boldly you’re approaching this relationship. Your lack of consideration for others will, once again, hinder you from truly getting to know a new partner.


Damn, Virgo, you really are your own worst enemy. Dating someone who is identical to you may seem like a great idea, but if you go out with someone who is just as immensely cautious, prudent and picky as you are, then you both just might deflate from the lack of chemistry and abundance of complaints.


You’re all about the social scene and nightlife. Throughout the time you’re living it up on the dance floor, Scorpio will be sitting at your table, wondering why you’re gyrating against another person instead of falling head-over-heels for them. Hey, at least they can watch over your belongings while you enjoy yourself!


When you’re into someone, you’re into them deep. Which is why you’ll be puzzled by the Aquarian’s flighty and non-committed nature. You are possessive, while Aquarius is indecisive and hard to tame. They’ll cheerfully chat up strangers and forget you exist, leaving you to awkwardly stand in a corner of the room. By the end of this rendezvous, you’ll be left feeling inadequate and ignored.


You’re actually more alike Capricorn than you think! Both of these signs are driven, friendly and rational. However, what sets you significantly apart is that you’re optimistic whereas Capricorn is pessimistic. If your plans don’t go to fruition because you get a flat tire or lose your table reservation or step on dog poop, you’ll be able to shrug it off. No big deal! Capricorn, on the other hand, will sulk about it. Your cynical date will quickly get irked by your sunny disposition, whereas you’ll be turned off by their killjoy negativity.


The ram is way too wild and impulsive for your tastes, Capricorn. You use a slow-and-steady approach when it comes to discerning your feelings of attraction for someone, which may chase away vain Aries. You’re not one to shower people with random compliments until you’ve decided they deserve it!


Your and Pisces’ mutual interests in all things artsy and fancy will allow you to have an interesting date with loads to talk about! So why do you still feel as though you just want to go home? Pisces can be quite clingy and needy, and this will send your commitment-phobic self into panic mode. You wish they’d stop trying to hold your hand after just one date!


Dating a Leo means they’ll be spoiling you rotten, and this is something your sensitive and insecure side will greatly appreciate. On the downside, you’re more humble and simplistic than the proud fire sign. Self-assured Leo will try too hard to impress you, even at the cost of troubling other people, and this will rub you the wrong way.