Here’s Why Autumn Is An Introvert’s Dream Come True


We are almost halfway through the autumn season and this should mean that the fun has just begun. There is still so much to look forward to like Halloween, pumpkin picking, or local farmers’ markets filled with seasonal goodies. Those of us who lean towards the introvert spectrum tend to enjoy this season more than others; opening your window and letting the cool breeze in, searching in your closet for those favorite cozy sweaters, and sipping on hot drinks, are all little pieces of autumn that help with the changes brought on by the new season.

In fact, having an affinity for autumn is not accidental at all. It’s actually more scientific than we would think. The season of fallen leaves and rainy days has actually long been presented to us as a time for change and a time to start anew. Subconsciously, we have been taught for many years to link autumn with new beginnings; for years, while we were in school we associated September with new school supplies, new clothes, and new opportunities to make friends. Even if it is not the beginning of the year, we feel that autumn gives us a clean slate. But, introverts especially, rejoice at a few more reasons, and not all are scientifically based.

Cold Temperatures Mean Fewer People Outside.

Most people don’t like the cold weather and they have little to no interest in spending their time outside when it’s cloudy and gloomy. Introverted people have no problem with this. They love that now they can go for walks or hikes and enjoy the silence of the woodlands; observe the changing of the leaves and the animals preparing for the cold. Introverts find inspiration in silence thus they are perfectly fine with sitting by themselves and reflecting on their thoughts. Now that summer crowds are gone, this can only mean more space for introverts and less disruption from loud groups.

There is an Abundance of Inspiration.

Another reason autumn is preferred by the introverted is that it provides a certain kind of atmosphere, one which cannot be found in any other season. The trees are becoming bare, the days are shorter and night time is longer, the temperatures are falling abruptly; all these changes are teaching us to let things go. More importantly, it reminds us of the natural cycle of the world and how sometimes things must come to an end in order to make room for greater, more exciting stuff. For introverts, autumn is not sad and depressing. It is a warm embrace and a lesson in acceptance and reflection.

More Excuses to Stay Inside.

Introverts don’t like it too much when others refer to them as ‘hermits’. In all honesty, the term has been presented as a negative personality trait and is often mocked in pop culture. So, now that gloomy weather and rainy days are here to stay, introverts no longer feel bad if they choose to stay inside. Movie nights, reading sessions, or cooking are some of the best ways you can spend your time when the weather outside is not friendly. Being a ‘hermit’, as some will call it, is not a bad way of living your life. It just means that a person relaxes differently than the majority of people. While others might crave the company of large groups with loud music and pints of beer, others are content with immersing themselves in a good book or trying out seasonal recipes. And now that the cold season is here, there are even more excuses to do so.

New Beginnings Await.

Last but not least, it all goes back to the beginning. Starting over is an important opportunity that autumn brings with it. If you are an introvert, you would do anything to hide your past mistakes and be able to start fresh. So, this is your chance. You can pick up a new hobby, or even return to an old one with a different perspective. It is never too late to do something we have been wanting to for a while. And what better time is there than right now – when the season is ready to offer inspiration and brilliant new ideas.