Here’s Why It’s So Important To Be Intentional About Who You Connect With In Life


I feel as if my life has shifted this past year; it’s unrecognizable. I was able to get a better understanding of my surroundings than I thought was possible. I was able to let go of the pressure of outgrowing people and situations that had no intention of ever aligning with my future. I started to make more time to release the constant reminders of why things didn’t last. Remembering that as time goes by we are able to manifest what makes us feel the most alive. I started to attract everything that is full of passion, growth, risk, potential, and freedom.

I usually am the one to offer advice, guidance, love, and time. I think it’s truly an important part of building character and helping others find their light. I started to ask myself those hard questions that I usually am the one to propose to others. As I started seeking inspiration and speaking with the people around me, I discovered what was missing. As much as I love human interaction and making connections, I believe that most of them are just distractions. It seemed as though every conversation was based on surface level discussions that didn’t have any actual value. We are so much more than just talking about what we do for a living, what school we went to, or bonding over what alcohol we both enjoy. I owe myself way more than just counting the simplistic similarities and basic knowledge I have with someone, and so do you. Everything I was saying out loud has helped me practice what I preach.

Once I was able to focus on becoming an author, invest my money in different places, support small businesses, and scale down my friend group, I found more purpose. There is power in knowing every message I send, every article I write, and everything I purchase will have an impact. With every good intention comes influence. Knowing you are using every second you get to spread peace, compassion, financial freedom, or gratitude is never a second wasted. Start to look who is still around you and evaluate accordingly.

Now, have you ever met someone and instantly knew that they would change your perspective in the best way possible? It’s a level of comfort that almost feels spiritual. A feeling that doesn’t need words to explain; a level of ease that allows you to not be afraid of what’s going to come next. The kind of excitement you search for but don’t get attached to. It’s as if you are safe, you are calm, and you are open. These are the people that make you question who you are, what you are doing currently, and how you can reach that next level. They leave you knowing that they aren’t going to stop until they reach their highest peak. That is the level of commitment we all owe ourselves, no matter how long it takes to get there. Those individuals make us see what we didn’t know we should. Not see us through what others think, but who we want to become.

I hope you can refrain from ever lowering your standards down solely because you may feel lonely at the top. Believe me when I tell you that they will follow where you lead. You were meant to be a leader. There is only doubt in what you think you can’t achieve. Take that doubt, turn it into realization, and discover what you were destined for.