Here’s Why It’s Time To Lean Into Your Feminine Energy


Feminine energy is one of the most powerful forces on earth. True feminine power is leading from the heart in all areas of our lives and allowing our intuition to guide us, no matter what the voice of fear says. When a woman is connected to her feminine power, anything is possible.

As humans, we have both feminine and masculine energy. Right now, the collective human masculine energy is dominating our work, homes, and government. If either energy is out of balance, it creates the destructive or wounded feminine or masculine.

Masculine energy is crucial. It’s logical, structured, protecting, assertive and efficient. We would not have the structures we have in place in business today without masculine energy. However, we have come to a crucial time in our world where we also need true feminine energy leading the way.

Feminine energy is intuitive, flowing, and heart centered. If we can learn how to run our businesses and our lives with both energies, we will change the world as we know it today. Albert Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant.” We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. A balanced human has a balance of both energies.

If you’re more in your masculine energy, how can you allow more flow into your life? How can you allow your intuition to lead your business a little more? If you’re more in your feminine energy, how can you add more structure and hustle into your life?

As a female, I used to live extremely in my masculine energy, and not in a positive way. I completely cut out my personal life and spent every waking minute working on my business and cut out all aspects of my personal life. I was a natural-born hustler wholly dedicated to my mission until one day I had the most significant, eye-opening moment of my life.

It was late January; I had just woken up to find out that I was quoted in Forbes. For a moment, I was excited, yet that feeling was only temporary. As I watched my business make more money that day than it had made the entire year prior, I was struck with the realization that I was utterly miserable. I decided to go back to bed because my mind was circling, and all I could think was that these accomplishments were supposed to feel good, yet they didn’t. I sacrificed so much to get here, and yet I was left feeling like none of it really mattered.

I let all the pain I experienced from men send me on a mission to prove that I didn’t need one. By cutting out my personal life, my life became a driving desire to fulfill my purpose on my own. Here I was completely alone, making big things happen, but feeling so empty.

Looking back, I believe the way I felt at that moment is not just part of my story, it relates to the collective consciousness for women (and men) worldwide. The energy of having to prove we can do it alone is pushing us away from our feminine core. We are becoming disconnected from our feminine essence, our true feminine power. At that time, I realized I had shut off the core of who I was.

I was doing all of the things that I perceived as strong in business to do my best to succeed. What I realize now is that I never had to operate as part of a “man’s world” in business. The world needs our beautiful feminine light. We don’t have to prove that we can do what men can do. The world needs our beautiful feminine light. The power has always been there, we just have to turn it on. Fighting against a broken system by becoming the same way will never work.

This balance of energies is the future of business and leadership—let’s start with ourselves.