Here’s Why It’s Time To Start Detoxing Your Mind, Not Just Your Body


When we speak of detoxing, we naturally think of relaxing hot baths, saunas, antioxidant beauty products, or cleansing diets, but it’s more than that. Detoxing is the act of purifying oneself from toxins, but this does not just apply to your physical health—it applies to your mental health too.

It’s easy to put on a clay mask or hit the steam room as part of your after gym routine to detox your body. You could even add some green tea to your morning regime to flush the body from toxins naturally. But we overlook an important pillar of our body structure: our mental state.

Just like our bodies need to detox from time to time, so do our minds. Detoxing your mind starts with identifying the toxins that contribute to negative thoughts or unbalanced emotions within yourself. What’s keeping you up at night?

Toxins can be anything from negative thoughts about ourselves and others to draining friends or family members to unfulfilling jobs and relationships. Anything that doesn’t contribute to your best self or hinges and brings down your energy is an example of a toxin.

Usually, a cup of green tea or a juice cleanse is the way to go when we want to detox our bodies, but what about our minds? It would be great to chug down a green juice smoothie and kiss my anxiety goodbye for good, but the mind is a bit more complex than that, and it requires a special kind of purifying.

Meditation, manifestation and positive thoughts are the detox teas for the mind. They calm, cleanse and balance the mind while allowing us to become quiet enough to listen to what we need mentally, as well as what we need to release. We’re all guided by natural intuition, and through meditation, we can tap deeper into our natural intuition to better understand what we need at the core.

The first thing I like to do in the morning is get out my yoga mat and prepare myself for my meditation session, and for the next five minutes, I just breathe. I ease myself into the thought of a new day and give my gratitude for all the good things in my life, as well as the bad. I move into light stretching while releasing those bad things because they may not hinge on my energy—they only serve as learning curves. I call this practice my morning cleanse.

Incorporating meditation, specifically flow meditations that consist of deep breathing techniques with some light stretching to your daily routine, allows you to manifest positive thoughts easier while bringing you to the present moment. This type of practice brings us a better understanding of our natural intuition and the importance of balance within our minds, our bodies, and our emotions.

We all have busy lives that keep us occupied and sometimes fog our well being, so we might seem fit on the outside because we just did that Park fun run or finished a 30-day gluten-free diet. But mentally, we’re drained. We’re exhausted from overthinking and planning and worrying about things that we cannot always control.

Bring yourself to the now and remove those toxins from your mind.

Remember, detoxing is about purifying yourself from the inside out.