Here’s Why No Matter How Much You Joke About It, You Won’t Actually Die Alone


You won’t die alone because you love people fiercely and deeply. I’m not just talking about boyfriends or girlfriends. Those individuals you let into your heart have a permanent home there. It doesn’t matter how far apart you end up, your love finds a way to transcend distance and time. And remember, this doesn’t mean you need to be surrounded by a ton of family and friends. Even the love from one person can light up an entire tunnel of darkness.

You won’t die alone because your imagination knows no bounds. Even as an adult, your inner world continues to shine the same way it did when you were a child. To be alone in your head is not a scary thought. It’s an opportunity. A wild, fantastical place to unravel. There are a thousand untold stories just waiting to come out.

You won’t die alone because you’re brilliantly curious about the world and how it works. You never pass up an opportunity to explore, to learn something you didn’t know before. Every new memory you make is added to your repertoire, a moment you can reflect back on and remember how it felt. You’re hungry for adventure, even if it’s as small as trying the new food truck down the street. You’re never truly alone when there’s so much of this universe waiting for you.

You won’t die alone because even past love – the unbearable heartbreaks and almost somethings – still gave you something to hold. You move on, but you don’t fully let go. By that I mean, your heart doesn’t forget. Your heart has room for a first love, a second, a third, however many may come. But the heart always remembers. And even though it can ache, it’s never really alone. Not after someone (or many someones) left such a valuable fingerprint.

You won’t die alone because the old joke of being a spinster surrounded by cats seems to be forgetting something: a life shared with animals is one of the purest and most fulfilling. Human connection is not the only kind of connection that matters.

You won’t die alone because you’ve touched so many lives. Probably in ways you won’t even fully realize. Few of us know the true impact we make on others. The way you care and, even more importantly, the way you try can be felt by everyone you meet. You’re a force.

And if in the end, it’s just you in a rocking chair wondering where the years went, the loneliness you fear will not be what fills you.

In truth, in the most obvious and scientific way, yes, we do all die alone. The brain has been alone this entire time. But a life is not measured by that final moment, or by the last breath or heart beat.

No, a life is all you’ve lived before.

So, I don’t think you’ll die alone. That’s the last thing you’ll be.