Here’s Why We’re Stronger Together When We’re Apart


There’s no question that it feels like we’re living in a bad movie that you’d later regret going to the theater for. ⁣

Life has undoubtedly been turned upside down, and for many of us, we’re still trying to make sense of our new reality. And it becomes harder when it feels like, every day, something else changes.

While we try to grapple with our new work-from-home routines and social distancing practices, what’s important is that we recognize we all have a part to play. We all have the opportunity to take care of ourselves and to check in on our loved ones.⁣

I know that, for me, I felt lonely and claustrophobic in NYC after being one of the early ones to freak out weeks ago and being told that I was overreacting. Now, after safely making it back to my family’s home, my mental health is so much better (and my parents don’t have to worry about my 6+ incoming calls a day). ⁣

I’m reframing my mindset during this low-key time to get more rest, to catch up on the work I missed when stressed, to walk outside in the sun, and to be here for those who need me. I’m now in a long-distance relationship with my community, because that’s what the world is asking of us. ⁣

Your strong friends need you to check in on them, even if it’s via a screen. The world needs you to be more mindful about where you go, who you see, and how close you choose to be. The vulnerable need your support, and sometimes that means skipping your happy hour or vacation. ⁣⁣

We are stronger together. And in this case, we’re stronger when we choose to stay apart. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the ones we love. Social distancing isn’t something to ignore, but it’s also not an excuse to ignore your support system. ⁣⁣

This is the moment we choose to be a part of the larger solution. This is the moment we also recognize the importance of human connection and how disconnected we were before this. Use this as a moment to catch up with people, even if from a distance, and to dive into your never-ending to-do lists. ⁣

Together, we’ll get through this.