Here’s Why Women Need To Stop Saying Sorry


Sorry. A five letter word often said and used by everyone, but mostly by women—in television, in the radio, in everyday life.

Sorry for hurting your feelings. Sorry for saying what I truly feel. Sorry for speaking up about the injustice in the system. Sorry for using my voice to amplify the voice of those unheard. Sorry for stepping on your cute little ego. Sorry for not being good enough. Sorry for being too honest. Sorry for not being strong. Sorry for coming out too strong.

Sorry for being me. Sorry for saying sorry.

Over and over again, all around the world, women have been raised to apologize for everything, as if everything is our fault.

Like the misogynistic views of the world is our fault. Like the standards set by the society is our fault. Like the inequality in the system is our fault. Like other people’s perception is our fault.

Honey, I can’t stress this more clearly, stop saying sorry for things that are not your fault. Stop saying sorry out of courtesy. Out of respect. Out of fear. Out of habit. Because saying sorry a lot just establishes the patriarchal view of the society and this does not set a good example for our daughters and sons.

Stop the misconception that saying sorry a lot makes someone a good person and not saying sorry too often makes someone a bad person. Remember your manners are not measured by how many times you say sorry, but rather by how you treat others around you.

Enough is enough. You are beautiful. Amazing. Smart. Strong. Unique. And you don’t have to apologize for that.

So say sorry when you mean to. Only when you mean to. Not because you got used to it. Not because someone said to. Not because you’ve been intimidated to. Not because you have to.

After all, a real apology comes from the heart, not from what society dictates.