Here’s Why You Don’t Want To Miss Out On The Latest Episode of ‘Jane The Virgin’


Jane The Virgin never ceases to make you think about life! On last night’s episode, the T.V. show addressed some key life lessons, here are some to convince you to catch-up on the episode:

You Don’t Magically Become Ready for Commitment, You Make Yourself Ready

We saw Xiomara scared of making the same past mistakes and worried about taking things fast with Rogelio. We also see how her fear was stopping her from allowing their connection to move forward. This episode taught us that fear is a good thing. And that timing is debatable. Fear in-deed can be used as means to get what we want rather than an excuse to walk away from it. Xiomara ends up proposing to Rogelio which leads me to my next point.

Gender Roles Are Bullshit.

Xiomara proposal to Rogelio shows us that leadership is a trait based on personality not gender. Xiomara knows how to meet her need of being loved while staying the strong, independent woman she is. The scene was beautiful because it flawlessly captures how love is not gender based. Women can lead the way and men can be emotional (vice versa). Alba also stood-up for her man, Jorge, when she told him she was going to march for both of them. The episode brought a man’s vulnerability that we don’t often see on the screen to light and it wasn’t portrayed as weakness.

Racism Is Stinky

The episode got political about Trump’s America. Mateo asks his mother why some people are mean and Jane explains to him that some people just don’t get it because they don’t understand it. She explains racism to him as something that is sticky which it is if you really think about it. A lady walks in to the gift store at the Marbella hotel where she tells a customer to speak English because it’s America. Alba doesn’t say anything because she was in shock which really goes to show how important it is for us to address obnoxious behavior like that one. Always speak-up against racism and bullying because one voice makes a difference. It’s not okay and we need to be united in making the world a more accepting and safe place for all of us. The episode also talks about how fear of losing status prevents people from standing-up for their rights.

Love Is Complicated.

Rafael has feelings for Petra but it’s different this time. He tells Jane how maybe they were meant to not be together to learn what they needed to learn at the time. He also talks about how sometimes the person we’ve been searching for has always been right in-front of us. It really goes to show how often we take the best things in life for granted. Maybe we shouldn’t miss out on having someone know how we really feel about them simply because we’ll be missing out on living the dream we’ve always wanted without knowing it.

We Should Still Give Love A Chance Anyway

Just like Jane, many of us are perfectionists who want what we want. We are fixated on our idea of the ideal partner that we end-up letting go of someone we want without even knowing. Sometimes we need someone to call us out and remind us to trust the process, take risks and try new things. Opposites do attract and just because we don’t think we’re a good match with someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re right. Sometimes the best experiences we have in life are the ones we didn’t anticipate. Give people a chance. A fair chance. Don’t be closed off to challenge yourself to grow.

Even We Surprise Ourselves Sometimes

It’s ironic how we can be one person at certain time of our lives and the opposite in the next. Jane always believed in sex after marriage. And now she wants different things. We should always allow ourselves room to explore who we are on levels we never considered because that’s when we get to know out uttermost desires and needs.

Friendships of Long Distance and in Time of Despair

Even best friends grow a part sometimes. And just like Alba told Mateo, talking about it helps. We often get lost in what we are going through and we become shitty friends. We forget about what our friends need us, too. Always be honest about how you feel and about where you are coming from. Many relationships ended just for the sole reason that two people didn’t talk about it. Friendships are a two-way street. Make time for your friends. Let them know that they matter. Stay in touch. Make plans to meet-p and follow through with them. Show-up. Always show-up.