Here’s Why You Need To Start Speaking To Yourself With Nothing But Love


If we could each open up our eyes and see what our own mouth said to our brain, we would learn so much more about the depths of our sorrows. It is so much more than the religion we believe in that gives us hope. Are you spiritually in sync with your own body? Do you know how to stop the negative thoughts from brewing and ease into thoughts of positive energy?

It seems as though positive affirmations to yourself is the hardest worldly thing to master. Whether you realize it or not, you are subconsciously speaking to yourself. You are the person you speak to the most on a day-to-day basis. You hear your thoughts telling you how much of a failure you are when you let yourself or other people down, and you hear your thoughts praising you when you’ve lifted yourself or others up.

The words you say to yourself stick more than the words others say to you. Being around inspiration will inspire you; being around people who belittle you will diminish you. We tend to believe we care what other people think; that is not the truth. It’s not other people we want to impress, it is ourselves. Someone could say something bad about you once, but you might go home and start to tell yourself that same thing every single day until you believe it. They are not the reason you believe you are of no importance, you are the reason you believe that about yourself.

If you heard someone speaking to your loved one the way you speak to yourself, would you ever sit down for it? No. You would stand up and do something about it, so why can’t you stand up for your own self against your own negative thoughts? Sometimes we do not see that we are the negativity in our lives because the thoughts we have about ourselves are all we know. Sometimes we make ourselves believe we could never be loved because we have no love to give ourselves.

If we loved ourselves deeply enough, the words of those around us would fade into darkness and there would always be a light of hope for us. Speak to yourself with nothing but love. Tell yourself you are smart, that you mean something in this world. Remind yourself every day that you walk among others with purpose, even if you haven’t figured out that purpose just yet. The world could be a dark place, because that is where your mind is right now. If we look at ourselves with hope, then soon enough the world we are looking at will offer nothing but hope for us in return.